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The SE Texas Record May 6, 2008, 1:48pm

Law Day 2008 Results

  • 2008-09 Jefferson County Bar Association Board of Directors
    President � Christine Kibbe
    President Elect � Steve Johnson
    Vice President � Jesse Branick
    Treasurer � Michele Smith Secretary � Ken Lewis
    Second Term Directors � Mike Eaves, Leanne Johnson, Ross Jones, John Werner
    First Term Directors � Karen Bennett, David Grove, Marsha Normand, Kent Walston
    JCYLA Representative � Zack Hawthorn

  • 2008-09 Jefferson County Young Lawyers Association Board of Directors
    President � Zack Hawthorn
    President Elect � Molly Moore
    Vice President � Chris McKinney
    Treasurer � Sheigh Summerlin
    Secretary � Colin Moore
    One Year Term Directors � Catherine Adams, Jessica Hallmark, Tony Malley, Luke Nichols, Justin Sanderson
    Two Year Term Directors � Stacie Augustine, Tammy Deyton, Colin Shellenberger, Wyatt Snider, Baylor Wortham
    Minority Director � Robin Woolridge
    TYLA Representative � John West

  • 2008 By-Law Amendments -- All four (4) proposed amendments passed with majority votes

  • 2008 Law Day Editorial Contest Winner � Katrina Kloefkorn, Hamshire Fannett High School

  • 2008 Law Day Poster Contest Winner � Brenden Cannon, Langham Elementary, Nederland

  • 2008 Mock Trial Winners � Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School, Beaumont

  • Mickey Mehaffy Pro Bono Award � Tracy Richardson (Strong, Pipkin, Bissell & Ledyard)

  • Liberty Bell Award � Dr. Nancy Kirchmer

  • Blackstone Award - Judge Thomas A. Thomas (Provost Umphrey)

  • Outstanding Young Lawyer � Courtney Burch-Arkeen (Hunter Burch)

  • Texas Center Professionalism Award � Tom Hanna

  • Outstanding Family Law Practitioner � Melvin Boneau ( Boneau & Lewis)

  • JCYLA Law Day Softball Tournament Results
    1st Place � Showcase (Authorized Process)
    2nd Place � GermerNators (Germer Gertz)
    3rd Place � Coondogz (Brent Coon & Associates)

  • Law Day BBQ Cook-Off Results
    1St Place � The Killer Bees (The Parker Law Firm)
    2nd Place � McCall & Devenzio
    3rd Place � The Beefy Barristers (Germer Gertz)
    Best BBQ � The Killer Bees (The Parker Law Firm)

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