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Texas AG's felony fraud trial could come next spring after court refuses appeal

By Karen Kidd | Nov 8, 2016

DALLAS – Texas' embattled attorney general is headed for a trial date as early as next spring after the state's court of criminal appeals decided to not get involved in his securities fraud case.

Attorneys general try to block transfer of authority over internet domains

By John Breslin | Nov 8, 2016

GALVESTON -- A federal judge has denied a last-minute attempt to block the transition of oversight of internet domain names to an international non-profit.

AG asks Supreme Court to reinstate Voter ID law, congressmen lend support

By Carrie Salls | Nov 2, 2016

AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said amicus briefs were filed in the U.S. Supreme Court by a coalition of 10 states and 32 members of Congress in support of Texas’ voter ID law.  

Texas attorney general seeks to protect homeowners’ tax cuts

By Joe Dyton | Nov 1, 2016

AUSTIN — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently supported a property tax lawsuit against the Kilgore Independent School District. 

Texas, national bag law advocates fight attorney general's suit

By Joe Dyton | Oct 27, 2016

AUSTIN -- Attorney General Ken Paxton has caught resistance from numerous entities in response to his lawsuit against Texas’ first local law against bag pollution in Brownsville.

Texas nets $2.8M in nationwide settlement with Hyundai, Kia over false fuel economy claims

By David Yates | Oct 27, 2016

AUSTIN— On Oct. 27 Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that the Consumer Protection Division of his office obtained $2.8 million for the state of Texas as part of a $41.2 million multistate settlement with automakers Hyundai and Kia.

Does the Houston Chronicle care selectively about facts and fairness?

By The SE Texas Record | Oct 24, 2016

Suppose you were accused of arson, were innocent and could prove it, but the court wouldn't let you present the perfect piece of exculpatory evidence.

First Amendment Freedoms Include the Right to Question Climate Change Science

By Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton | Oct 21, 2016

The Houston Chronicle’s recent editorial (“Work for Texas”, September 15, 2016) criticized my defense of the First Amendment rights of Texans in the State of Massachusetts’ lawsuit against Exxon Mobil.

AG Healey asks court to reconsider discovery order in Exxon climate change case

By David Yates | Oct 20, 2016

ABILENE – Earlier this month, a federal judge found Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey might have acted in bad faith when subpoenaing ExxonMobil, which the Democratic AG contends buried information on climate change for the past 40 years.

Texas AG intervenes in suit to stop Austin from permitting city employees to work for union at taxpayer expense

By David Yates | Oct 18, 2016

AUSTIN – On Oct. 18 Attorney General Ken Paxton intervened in a lawsuit against the city of Austin, challenging the city’s labor agreement with Austin Firefighters Association, Local 975.

Texas AG seeks to stop Buck-a-Bag fee in Brownsville

By David Yates | Oct 12, 2016

AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the city of Brownsville, seeking an injunction to stop “an illegal” tax on plastic-bag shoppers.

Texas awaits Supreme Court ruling on petition to reinstate voter ID law

By Andrew Burger | Oct 11, 2016

AUSTIN -- Texas filed a petition for a writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court Sept. 23, requesting reinstatement of the Lone Star State's voter ID law. The petition comes as growing numbers of states enact voter identification laws in a bid to allegedly prevent election fraud.

Paxton: U.S. Supreme Court validated Texas position in immigration case

By Karen Kidd | Oct 6, 2016

AUSTIN – The state of Texas scored a win this week when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to rehear an Obama administration immigration case, state Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement released after the high court's decision.

Texas settles with California app developer over collecting children’s personal data

By Dawn Geske | Oct 6, 2016

AUSTIN – The Texas attorney general’s office has settled with a California app developer by having them agree to not collect and save personal information of children under 13 when they download its app.

Texas Attorney General's opinion holds little value in Beaumont case, city's attorney says

By Kristin Danley-Greiner | Sep 30, 2016

BEAUMONT – The attorney general of Texas has issued an opinion regarding a conflict of interest that arose in Beaumont, but city leaders say that opinion didn’t hold much weight.

Federal court hears arguments in EPA Clean Power Plan case

By Chris Dickerson | Sep 28, 2016

WASHINGTON — A coalition of states argued in federal court that the EPA has overstepped its authority with proposed emission standards that would require states such as West Virginia to revamp its primary energy source and economic model.

Texas attorney general intervenes In Homestead Exemption case against Texas school districts

By Dawn Geske | Sep 21, 2016

AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton has intervened in a case involving property tax that he alleges violates the Texas Constitution and state law.

Texas AG supports ExxonMobil's efforts to dismiss subpoena for internal climate change documents

By Allen Jones | Sep 16, 2016

ABILENE – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and 10 other state attorneys general are backing ExxonMobil Corp.’s effort to squash a state civil administrative subpoena for more than 40 years of the oil giant’s internal documents, which some believe could show the corporation misled its investors regarding evidence of climate change.

Attorney General Paxton reaches $1.175 million settlement with Katz Boutique for selling synthetic marijuana

By Tara Mapes | Sep 13, 2016

Attorney General Paxton settles its first lawsuit against the Harris County Shops for selling synthetic marijuana. After increased reports of overdoses on the illegal drugs in Texas, the Office of Attorney General teamed up with narcotics investigators on cases resulting in a total of ten lawsuits filed against Harris County shops.

AG Paxton 'challenges' all Texans to fight human trafficking

By Karen Kidd | Sep 9, 2016

AUSTIN – The fight against human trafficking, a modern day form of slavery, is the duty of every Texan, state Attorney General Ken Paxton said during a recent press conference at San Antonio Police Department’s Public Safety Headquarters.

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