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Companies accused of deceiving consumers with media subscriptions must pay $424,000

By Dawn Geske | Aug 8, 2016

AUSTIN – A $424,000 judgment has been handed down in an alleged deceptive magazine and newspaper subscription practice case.

Donor subject of Medicaid fraud probe gives to Paxton campaign for his legal defense

By Karen Kidd | Aug 7, 2016

DALLAS – When Texas' embattled attorney general accepted a $100,000 gift from a businessman allegedly without knowing the donor faced allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, it raised questions similar to those endured by another Southern attorney general this summer.

Unenforced Texas 'Any Willing Provider' statute hurts pharmacies, patients and community, industry spokesman says

By Karen Kidd | Jul 29, 2016

The Texas Attorney General's recently released opinion that a two-decade-old statute can't be enforced is causing problems for more than just patients who can't use the pharmacy of their choice, a spokesman for an industry trade group said in a recent interview.

AG settles with alleged computer scammers, reports they collected millions from consumers

By Karen Kidd | Jul 22, 2016

AUSTIN – Two tech companies who allegedly violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act with deceptive consumer practices and purportedly took millions from consumers across the nation have agreed to a settlement, according to a judgment handed down earlier this month.

Texas attorney general warns about scammers trying to capitalize on Dallas shootings

By Karen Kidd | Jul 22, 2016

AUSTIN  – Scammers take a ghoulish interested in tragedies, which has prompted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to warn state consumers to be cautious about charitable appeals in the wake of the police shootings in Dallas.

Received an email from the attorney general? It's likely a scam

By JoAnn Seltzer | Jul 20, 2016

AUSTIN - Businesses are being targeted by a scammer alleging to be with the Office of the Attorney General in Texas, according to Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Texas attorney general leads 13-state challenge of federal unisex access rule

By Andrew Burger | Jul 12, 2016

AUSTIN – The Texas attorney general is leading a 13-state coalition in a bid to resist an Obama administration directive that would effectively require all public schools and businesses to open up all intimate areas – rest rooms, locker rooms, showers, etc. – to both sexes.

Texas AG seeks injunction to halt enforcement of Obama's transgender school policy

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 8, 2016

AUSTIN — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is joining is seeking a nationwide injunction to halt enforcement of the federal government’s directive on transgender students.

Texas AG issues 2 opinions in response to former state education commissioner requests

By Karen Kidd | Jun 29, 2016

AUSTIN – Two separate opinions have been issued this month by Texas Attorney General Warren Kenneth "Ken" Paxton Jr's office, both in response to separate requests from former Commissioner of Education Michael Williams.

Texas lawmaker gets state clarification of foreign tribunals' reach

By Mike Helenthal | Jun 22, 2016

AUSTIN – District 2 Rep. Dan Flynn said he is pleased with the recent opinion issued by the state’s attorney general reaffirming that residents of Texas all are subject to Texas law.

5 years later, future of Texas voter ID law still in the hands of the courts

By Jamie Kelly | Jun 1, 2016

If the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals doesn’t issue a ruling by July 20 on Texas’ voter ID law, the plaintiffs in the case will likely ask the U.S. Supreme Court to bar enforcement of the law during the November elections.

Texas, 9 other states, join lawsuit against Department of Labor

By Jamie Kelly | May 27, 2016

LUBBOCK—A federal judge has allowed a coalition of 10 states, including Texas, to join a lawsuit filed by five business-rights organizations against the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) opposing the DOL’s new interpretation of a law that would require businesses to disclose contacts with attorneys regarding union organization.

TEXAS AG alerts homeowners to repair scams

By Dawn Brotherton | May 26, 2016

AUSTIN—Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warns all Texans to be aware of unscrupulous contractors who may attempt to take advantage of home owners after damaging storms.

Paxton clarifies question on tax on oil production

By Jamie Kelly | May 24, 2016

The Attorney General of Texas has issued an opinion clarifying that the state no longer taxes crude oil petroleum produced in Texas.

Texas AG continues legal battle over school bathrooms

By Brent Zell | May 20, 2016

The legal battle over transgender bathroom rights continued in Texas this week, with Attorney General Ken Paxton joining two colleagues in asking the Obama administration for clarification on its recent letter to schools regarding the issue.

Texas abortion clinic law fight heard by Supreme Court

By Carrie Salls | May 20, 2016

AUSTIN – Texas House Bill 2, which was enacted in 2013 and deals with the safety and availability of abortion clinics in the state, returned to the spotlight earlier this year with arguments made by the Texas Attorney General’s Office before the U.S. Supreme Court in March in defense of a lawsuit directly tied to the provisions of the law.

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