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Mostyn Law attorney not eligible to practice law in Texas, state bar site shows

HOUSTON – An insurance litigator with Mostyn Law is currently not eligible to practice law in Texas, according to the State Bar of Texas website.

Trial lawyers trawl for ‘inverse condemnation’ cases following Harvey

HOUSTON – Perform a web search for “Hurricane Harvey lawsuit” and chances are at least half a dozen ads paid for by trial lawyers will populate the top part of the browser. That’s nothing new, however, as Texas plaintiff’s attorneys, for the past decade or so, have advertised heavily following major storms in search of victims claiming their insurance claim was underpaid or improperly denied.

Mostyn Law says ‘calendaring error’ prevented firm from complying with judge’s order in hail suit

FORT WORTH – A “calendaring error” is apparently the reason why Mostyn Law failed to comply with a court order – a mistake that nearly led to a client’s hail suit being dismissed for want of prosecution.

Mostyn Law hail case dismissed for want of prosecution, second suit on the verge of DWOP

DALLAS – Mostyn Law hail suits brought in Dallas County are seemingly starting to thaw, as one case has already been dismissed for want of prosecution, and a second looks like it will soon go the same way.

Trial lawyers clash with storm bill supporters over Harvey insurance claims

HOUSTON – Not long after Hurricane Harvey crashed upon Texas shores, trial lawyers began publicly urging victims to file insurance claims before Sept. 1 – the date a new law aimed at ending weather-related lawsuit abuse goes into effect.

Mistrial declared in Mostyn Law $1M hail suit against USAA

HIDALGO COUNTY – A mistrial has been declared in a Mostyn Law hail lawsuit against USAA Texas Lloyd’s.

Trial of Mostyn Law suit against State Farm pushed back again, continuance due to Rene Sigman’s departure

HOUSTON – A foundation lawsuit brought against State Farm Lloyds has been continued once again, primarily because the attorneys who were handling case for Mostyn Law left the firm last month.

President of Mostyn’s Texas Association of Consumer Lawyers arrested, violent behavior was ‘fueled by alcohol’

DALLAS – The president of the Texas Association of Consumer Lawyers was recently arrested for assaulting several people while apparently intoxicated.

Rene Sigman leaves Mostyn Law, joins Merlin Law Group

HOUSTON – Once Mostyn Law’s head of litigation, Rene Sigman has left the firm and joined the Merlin Law Group, a firm specializing in insurance litigation.

USAA appealing Mostyn hail win, Hidalgo County court had entered $665K final judgment in March

McALLEN – USAA Texas Lloyd’s is appealing a sizeable final judgment levied against it in a hail lawsuit brought through The Mostyn Law Firm.

Family contends owners of Kinsel Motors tried forcing minor daughter to have abortion, tossed her out on street

BEAUMONT – In May, the Owners of Kinsel Motors sued a family for allegedly verbally assaulting them in public and attempting to alienate them and their minor daughter.

Appeals court reverses Mostyn Law win in Ike case, firm had invoked appraisal then proceeded to trial anyways

HOUSTON – A Texas appellate court recently reversed a judgment won by the Mostyn Law Firm in a Hurricane Ike lawsuit, wiping away hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and attorney’s fees.

Texas SC finds ‘proportionality is the polestar’ in e-discovery disputes

AUSTIN – Trial courts need to be balanced when it comes to their rulings in electronic discovery disputes, as the Texas Supreme Court recently found judges must recognize “proportionality is the polestar.”

Owners of Kinsel Motors sue family for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress

BEAUMONT – The Owners of Kinsel Motors are suing a family for verbally assaulting them in public.

This time, the joke's on Steve Mostyn and company

When the Texas House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence held a hearing seven years ago to discuss barratry in our state, Steve Mostyn agreed with those present that it was a problem and recommended prosecution of “swindlers.” What a kidder!

Mostyn Law floods Bexar County with hail suits right before HB 1774 vote

SAN ANTONIO – Only a day prior to the Texas House approving a bill aimed at ending hailstorm lawsuit abuse, Mostyn Law attorneys filed dozens of lawsuits in Bexar County – an area hit hard by hailstorms the past year.

Mostyn Law denied appraisal in hail suit, firm attorney previously testified process is an insurer’s ‘trump card’

DALLAS – Mostyn Law’s bid to force an appraisal in a client’s hail lawsuit was recently shut down by a district judge – a so called “trump card” that supposedly only insurers use “when they want to get out of cases,” according to a firm attorney.

The Steve Mostyn Comedy Show continues

Seven years ago, the Texas House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence held a hearing at which tort reformers and trial attorneys both agreed that barratry is a problem in our state.

Final judgment of $665K entered in Hidalgo County hail trial

McALLEN – A final judgment of more than $665,000 has been entered in a Hidalgo County hail lawsuit – a far cry from the $1.8 million in damages originally awarded by the jury.

Mostyn Law calls out storm chasers, despite evidence showing firm trolls for hail clients

AUSTIN – During a recent hearing on the hailstorm lawsuit abuse bill, Mostyn Law’s head of litigation told members of the Texas House Insurance Committee that nobody, even her law firm, likes storm-chasing attorneys.