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Paxton leads coalition arguing against the federal government's Persuader Rule

By Dee Thompson | Aug 21, 2017

AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has joined with 17 other state leaders to ask the U.S. Department of Labor to permanently rescind the Persuader Rule.

Texas federal court denies motions regarding rule that protects clients from investors

By Melissa Busch | Mar 29, 2017

DALLAS – A federal court in Texas denied U.S. Chamber of Commerce and business groups’ requests for emergency motions, which would have blocked a federal judiciary rule that requires financial professionals to act in their clients’ best interests when recommending investments products.

Obama’s Nanny State for Employers

By Mark Pulliam | Oct 10, 2016

In a prior post, I summarized the one-sided rulings of the National Labor Relations Board under President Obama, which are seemingly designed to bolster the declining ranks of organized labor in the private sector. Obama’s aggressive anti-employer agenda extends to other agencies having jurisdiction over the employment relationship: the Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unlike the NLRB’s pro-union orientation,

Texas, 9 other states, join lawsuit against Department of Labor

By Jamie Kelly | May 27, 2016

LUBBOCK—A federal judge has allowed a coalition of 10 states, including Texas, to join a lawsuit filed by five business-rights organizations against the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) opposing the DOL’s new interpretation of a law that would require businesses to disclose contacts with attorneys regarding union organization.

Continental Casualty alleges it need not cover Denton County businessman

By Gene Johnson | Mar 10, 2016

SHERMAN – Continental Casualty is suing a Denton County businessman, seeking not to provide coverage after the federal government alleged he provided kickbacks and bribes under a health and welfare plan.

Railyard worker takes whistleblower role against Union Pacific

By Molly English-Bowers | Dec 16, 2015

HOUSTON--A Kennard man is suing Union Pacific, alleging his first action, brought to the U.S. Department of Labor, was delayed, allowing him to file in federal court.

Child care worker alleges Place for Children failed to pay overtime

By Molly English-Bowers | Dec 15, 2015

HOUSTON--A Texas child care worker is suing her former employer, alleging failure to pay overtime compensation, even though a U.S. Department of Labor investigation ruled it mandatory.

Man sues over alleged workplace retaliation

By Dan Harkins | May 20, 2015

A man is suing his former employer for allegedly retaliating against and firing him after the man cooperated with a federal investigators looking into company abuses.

Secretary sues company after losing job due to Dept. of Labor investigation for wage violations

By Michelle Keahey, East Texas Bureau | Jun 10, 2013

MARSHALL - A secretary has filed a lawsuit against her former employer claiming that she was terminated after the U.S. Department of Labor investigated the company for wage violations and determined that she was owed overtime pay. 

Local family sues Mitsubishi after young woman dies in mysterious car fire

By Kelly Holleran | Feb 18, 2013

The family of a recently deceased woman blames Mitsubishi for causing her death, saying she burned in a fire after her car malfunctioned and randomly burst into flames.

Houston man sues after being knocked off wall by worker

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Jan 16, 2012

GALVESTON - After he fell from a concrete wall at a League City subdivision, Houston resident Calvin Finnels has filed suit against three entities.

Judge grants four defendant summary judgments in benzene suit, tells plaintiff to find a new lawyer

By David Yates | May 26, 2009

Wortham Nearly two years ago, the Record reported on an Arizona man who crossed two state lines to file a benzene lawsuit here in Jefferson County.

DuPont counsel named president of Hispanic bar group

By Marilyn Tennissen | Sep 17, 2008

Ramona Romero Washington, D.C. � The Hispanic National Bar Association has named Ramona Romero, corporate counsel for DuPont, as president for 2008-2009.

Suit: Company negligent for worker's death after fall from roof

By David Yates | Jan 9, 2008

Richard Mithoff A 29-year-old construction worker lost his life last year when he fell from a scaffold. Michael Spurlock's surviving family members have filed suit against his former employer, K & R Construction, and several of its owners/employees, claiming they negligently caused his death.

Arizona couple crosses state lines to file benzene suit

By David Yates | Aug 14, 2007

Arizona residents Bobby and Nellye Hall are suing Arco of the Panhandle Inc., along with 19 other petrochemical companies, for manufacturing and distributing benzene and other toxic chemicals to the unaware public and for conspiring inflict Bobby with an "illness," most likely leukemia.

Oklahoma couple files benzene lawsuit in Jefferson County

By David Yates | Aug 14, 2007

Sooner Nation has never cared too much for Texas football, but at least two Oklahoma residents are fans of the Lone Star State's court system.

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