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Bertini busted for barratry

By The Record | Jan 8, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Bertini must not have warned their son, Christopher, about the dangers of hanging out with the wrong crowd. Either that or he forgot the lesson.

Hail attorney indicted on charges of insurance fraud, barratry and money laundering

By David Yates | Jan 2, 2019

HOUSTON - A Galveston attorney is facing felony charges of insurance fraud, barratry, and money laundering related to several fraudulent hail claim lawsuits.

TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE: North Texas woman heading to prison for burning down the house

By Press release submission | Jul 18, 2018

A Dallas woman with a history of filing 31 insurance claims against a dozen companies got burned when one turned out to be arson.

Reinsurance expert: Biggest challenge in Texas is legal fraud, says HB 1774 a ‘fantastic step in the right direction’

By David Yates | Jul 16, 2018

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the legal fraud that ensues after every hailstorm or hurricane it seems.

TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE: Health care provider sentenced for workers’ compensation fraud

By Press release submission | Jul 15, 2018

A Deer Park health care worker has been sentenced for falsifying workers’ compensation claims.

Convicted hail attorney fingers three others in barratry scheme

By David Yates | Jul 9, 2018

Attorneys named by Kent Livesay deny being involved -- one says he's "full of crap."

Texas Watch op-ed over lack of Harvey payouts sparks rebuttals, expert calls piece the ‘same old rhetoric’

By David Yates | Jun 11, 2018

HOUSTON – In May, Texas Watch, a self-labeled consumer advocacy group, released an opinion piece arguing an “assault waged by insurance companies” in the state legislature has left many Hurricane Harvey victims still unable to resume their lives eight months later.

Harvey Insurance Claims Should Top $19 Billion

By Albert Betts | Jun 4, 2018

Albert Betts, executive director for the Insurance Council of Texas, says Texans are being harmed by misinformation and half-truths about their recovery.

Grapefruit size hail strikes Mideland/Odessa, TDI sends fraud investigators to area

By David Yates | Jun 15, 2017

MIDLAND - Wind gusts of up to 72 miles per hour and hail as large as grapefruit struck the Midland/Odessa area on June 14, ensuring thousands of West Texans woke up to damaged roofs and automobiles with shattered windshields.

Insurance group says tide of hail suits turning

By David Yates | Jun 21, 2016

AUSTIN - The tide my be turning in mass hailstorm litigation, as data collected by the Texas Department of Insurance shows fewer complaints being filed during 2013-2015, compared to 2012.

Storms bring increase in claims but few complaints

By David Yates | Feb 3, 2016

Story CopyWhile Texas weather catastrophes caused a huge jump in homeowner insurance claims last year, the number of complaints that sometimes follow are low in comparison.

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