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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Natural Resources Defense Council

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  • Prospects for Constitutionalism

    What are the prospects for constitutionalism and the rule of law under President Donald Trump?  In my estimation, quite good. Unlike some of my libertarian (or classical liberal) friends, I didn’t quake at the possibility of Trump’s election (as I explained here). His shortlist of potential Supreme Court candidates was outstanding, and his cabinet picks to date have been first rate. Of course, assessing the success or failure of Trump’s presidency will rest on the actions he takes and the pol

  • Environmental groups seek intervention in Denton fracking ban suits

    When the city of Denton passed a ban on hydraulic fracturing, the general land office and the oil and gas industry quickly filed lawsuits to stop the ban. Now environmental groups are trying to intervene in the suits.

  • Referendum on Calif. greenhouse law appears headed for voters

    SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline)-California voters will likely be asked in the November general election if the state's greenhouse gas law should be put on hold for rosier economic times, a postponement the Democratic frontrunner for attorney general, Kamala Harris, said Monday would be a colossal mistake.