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Legally Speaking: Lowering the Bars

By John G. Browning | Nov 6, 2012

Lawyers don’t just automatically become full-fledged attorneys the moment they receive that piece of sheepskin with “Doctor of Jurisprudence” on it.

Legally Speaking: Trust Me � I'm an Expert

By John G. Browning | Aug 22, 2011

In both civil and criminal trials, the legal system depends on expert witnesses to assist the judge and the jury in understanding and ruling reasonably on what may be complex technical or scientific issues. In courtrooms across the country, expert witnesses offer opinions on virtually any subject.

Legally Speaking: Moonlighting Judges

By John G. Browning | Jan 3, 2011

It's no secret that judicial salaries are low compared to what judges could command as attorneys working in the private sector.

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