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U.S. alleges negligence in ExxonMobil refinery fire that injured 10, killed 2

By Marian Johns | Mar 19, 2019

BEAUMONT, Texas (Legal Newsline) — The U.S. government has filed a lawsuit against ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, alleging violations of federal laws that contributed to a 2013 fire that injured 10 workers and caused the death of two contract employees.

Major hotel chains seek to dismiss antitrust suit, online booker alleges conspiracy to inflate prices

By David Yates | Feb 11, 2019

TEXARKANA – By agreeing not to bid on each other’s branded keywords, major hotel chains allegedly engaged in a conspiracy to stifle competition, keep prices high and make it harder for consumers to comparison shop – that’s the primary accusation made in an antitrust lawsuit brought by TravelPass, an online travel agency.

Lanier Law Firm: U.S. doesn’t have an ‘absolute’ right to dismiss ‘meritorious’ FCA complaints

By David Yates | Jan 24, 2019

TEXARKANA – The U.S. government does not have an absolute, unreviewable right to dismiss meritorious lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act – that’s the argument Lanier Law Firm lawyers are making to keep their whistleblower complaints alive.

McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff charged with deceptive collection practices

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Oct 28, 2018

BEAUMONT — A consumer has filed a class-action lawsuit against McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, citing misrepresentations and false threats.

Man alleges Credit Protection Association sent 'aggressive' collection letter

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Sep 4, 2018

BEAUMONT – A Dallas-based debt collector is alleged to have sent a consumer an "aggressive" collection letter.

Report finds that patent verdicts in Eastern Texas court are split 50/50 between plaintiffs, defendants

By Sandra Lane | Aug 13, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – When it comes to trials concerning patents, how accurate and fair is the jury? In most cases, juries award more favorable verdicts to plaintiffs than to defendants except in Texas, according to a report.

Consumer claims settlement offer in letter from Northstar Location Services was misleading

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Aug 8, 2018

BEAUMONT – A New York debt collector is alleged to have used false or deceptive means to collect a purported debt.

Vengroff Williams alleged to have failed to state creditor in collection letter

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jul 27, 2018

BEAUMONT – A consumer alleges a debt collector mailed him a confusing letter regarding the name of the original creditor.

Client Services alleged to have failed to clearly identify original creditor in collection letter

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jul 25, 2018

BEAUMONT – A Missouri-based debt collector is alleged to have mailed a misleading collection letter that does not clearly identify the current creditor.

AMCOL Systems alleged to have failed to remove paid balance from credit report

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jul 10, 2018

SHERMAN – A Collin County consumer alleges that a debt collector failed to remove an account after it was paid.

TLRA Debt Recovery alleged to have failed to state creditor in collection letter

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jun 5, 2018

TEXARKANA – A consumer alleges a debt collector failed to identify the name of the current creditor in two collection letters it mailed to her.

Data analyst alleges Capital One Services paid men in similar positions more than women

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | May 30, 2018

BEAUMONT – A female employee of a credit card service company alleges she was paid less than similarly situated male co-workers.

Consumer alleges TranzVia LLC made unlawful solicitation calls

By Philip Gonzales | Nov 16, 2017

BEAUMONT – A Plano company is alleged to have unlawfully called a Maryland man for marketing purposes.

Tyler consumer alleges three organizations reported inaccurate statements on credit report

By Philip Gonzales | Nov 15, 2017

TYLER – A Tyler consumer alleges his credit was damaged because of the actions of three entities.

Consumer claims Transworld Systems Inc. kept calling despite requests to stop

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 17, 2017

BEAUMONT – A Roanoke consumer alleges a debt collector harassed her with repeated calls.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC accused of harassing consumer with calls

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 15, 2017

BEAUMONT – A Tyler consumer alleges he was harassed with calls from a debt collector.

Consumer claims ConServe failed to identify it was a debt collector in voicemails

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 2, 2017

BEAUMONT – A Corinth consumer alleges that a debt collector has communicated with her illegally.

Consumer claims E.A. Uffman & Associates Inc. failed to disclose calls were attempts to collect debt

By Philip Gonzales | Jul 27, 2017

BEAUMONT – A Beaumont woman alleges a Baton Rouge debt collector is using deceptive practices with its calls.

Sons of inventor drop patent suit against Disney over MagicBand device

By John Sammon | Jul 18, 2017

BEAUMONT – The sons of a Texas inventor who challenged Disney Parks and Resorts for allegedly infringing their father’s patented wireless connecting system without authorization have dropped voluntarily their suit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Report says patent cases in Texas court may decrease by 1,000 per year after Supreme Court decision

By Kacie Whaley | Jun 26, 2017

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court's May 22 decision to reduce the states in which patent owners are allowed to file infringement lawsuits is expected to reduce 1,000 cases per year in Eastern Texas and increase cases in the District of Delaware by 500, Unified Patents has predicted.

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