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LTE Submission RE: Hail attorney indicted on charges of insurance fraud, barratry and money laundering

By Karen Easterling | Jan 9, 2019

It’s unfortunate that some individuals are continuing to take advantage and profit off of others when they are most vulnerable— following an accident or a weather-related event. Barratry, commonly referred to as “ambulance chasing,” has been illegal for years. And even with new threats of harsher penalties, this practice still exists.

Legal watchdogs kick off awareness week by reminding Texans that protecting the courts ‘starts with you’

By David Yates | Oct 1, 2018

AUSTIN — When it comes to protecting Texas’ courts from frivolous lawsuits, “It Starts With You.” That’s the message that Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse groups are delivering as they kick off Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week, which runs Oct. 1-5.

Reforms have restored our health care

By The Record | Sep 24, 2018

“You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” You don’t hear that aphorism much anymore, but it’s still true, even if it isn’t really about flies. No, it’s about hospitality and kindness. The point is that you’ll be more successful in life if you’re friendly rather than hostile. Of course, you catch flies to get rid of them, but other things you catch to keep – like doctors, for instance.

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