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Appellate court upholds ruling in favor of Dow Chemical in trespassing suit filed by SBWP

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 17, 2018

HOUSTON – Dow Chemical obtained a victory in court after having a favorable decision affirmed in a case over allegations of trespassing.

Court affirms denial of Kana Energy Services injunction in trade case

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 17, 2018

HOUSTON – An energy company that filed a suit over allegations of breaching fiduciary duty and of misappropriating trade secrets lost an appeal that disputed the denial of an injunction.

Appeals court upholds ruling that permanently bars Miracle Mineral Solution from sale

By Takesha Thomas | Oct 12, 2018

HOUSTON – A state appeals court has upheld a lower court's ruling to permanently bar a man from selling so-called miracle drugs.

Court upholds no-evidence summary judgment ruling in favor of University Place Retirement Home in fall case

By Takesha Thomas | Oct 12, 2018

HOUSTON – An appeals court has upheld a trial court's ruling involving University Place Retirement Home in a slip-and-fall case.

14th Court of Appeals upholds ruling in case filed by man who alleged he was not paid more than $30,000 for work

By Charmaine Little | Oct 12, 2018

HOUSTON – The 14th Court of Appeals affirmed a summary judgment on Oct. 4 in favor of a man who sued a construction company over allegations it didn’t pay him for work he performed.

Appeals court denies rehearing after overturning $9.6 million judgment for Dickinson ISD over Ike damages

By Charmaine Little | Oct 10, 2018

HOUSTON – On Oct. 4, the 14th Court of Appeals reversed and remanded a $9.6 million judgment for a school district that claimed its insurance company breached its contract amid restoration after Hurricane Ike and denied the parties' motions for rehearing.

Summary judgment for Ikea affirmed in case filed by woman who fractured knee in parking lot

By Charmaine Little | Oct 9, 2018

HOUSTON – On Oct. 2 the 14th Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s ruling that granted summary judgment for Ikea Holdings US Inc., et al. after a woman was injured in a parking lot in 2013.

14th Court upholds summary judgment in Drew Marine USA's favor in suit over payment for stretchers

By Takesha Thomas | Oct 8, 2018

HOUSTON – An appellate court ruled that a trial court did not err when it granted summary judgment to a company who alleges a check for payment for stretchers bounced.

14th Court of Appeals rules in favor of Harris County in suit over collision with patrol car

By Takesha Thomas | Oct 8, 2018

HOUSTON – An appellate court has reversed a trial court's order and rendered a take-nothing judgment in favor of Harris County in a case over an auto accident involving a deputy.

Appellate court grants writ in 2500 West Loop foreclosure case over temporary restraining order

By Takesha Thomas | Oct 5, 2018

HOUSTON – An appeals court has granted an entity's request to modify a temporary restraining order in a foreclosure case.

Pets can’t be considered ‘stock’ for the purpose of awarding attorney’s fees, Texas appellate court opines

By David Yates | Oct 2, 2018

HOUSTON – Man’s best friend isn’t considered a stock animal for the purposes of awarding attorney’s fees, a Texas appellate court recently opined.

14th Court of Appeals grants writ of mandamus compelling judge to vacate previous order in Galveston Shrimp case

By Asia Mayfield | Sep 27, 2018

AUSTIN – The 14th Court of Appeals conditionally granted a writ of mandamus compelling Judge Lonnie Cox of the 56th District Court of Galveston to vacate an order denying a motion to dismiss.

Court affirms most of directed verdict in People's Club of Nigeria USA expulsion case

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 26, 2018

HOUSTON – A Nigerian social organization has lost part of its appeal in a dispute over a ruling in favor of the chairman of the Houston branch of the club.

Court affirms city of Baytown's plea to the jurisdiction in case over Ike-damaged apartment building

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 26, 2018

HOUSTON – Two property management companies lost an appeal of a plea to jurisdiction involving the rebuilding of an apartment complex damaged by a hurricane.

Justices kick Japanese billionaire’s fraud suit against Houston attorney out of Texas court, suit filed over space tourism investment

By David Yates | Sep 20, 2018

HOUSTON – A Japanese investor’s efforts to “turn back the clock” on a space tourism venture were recently rejected by the justices seated on the Fourteenth Court of Appeals.

Court rules in favor of Brazoria County taxing entities in property tax suit

By Asia Mayfield | Sep 17, 2018

HOUSTON – Appellant James Anthony Davis unsuccessfully appealed a ruling compelling him to pay outstanding property taxes to several taxing entities in Brazoria County.

Appeals court upholds summary judgment in Atrium Medical Center lawsuit

By Chandra Lye | Aug 26, 2018

The children of a former patient sued Atrium Medical Center following their mother's death, claiming health care liabilities.

Texas Appeals Court upholds validity of medical expert in patient injury

By Chandra Lye | Aug 25, 2018

The patient sued her physician after she injured her head, neck and shoulders because she was not shown how to properly use the crutches he prescribed.

City of Pasadena not liable for employee collision during lunch break, appeals court finds

By Chandra Lye | Aug 25, 2018

An employee who hit a pedestrian while driving a city of Pasadena vehicle was not considered on duty at the time, an appeals court affirms.

Appeals Court overturns monetary award in CarMax breach of contract case

By Chandra Lye | Aug 25, 2018

The 14th Court of Appeals has denied damages that had been awarded by a lower court in a breach of contract case involving CarMax.

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