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Asbestos attorneys drive another company into bankruptcy

Three years ago, while affirming an appeals court decision overturning a multimillion-dollar judgment against Georgia Pacific in a mesothelioma case, the Texas State Supreme Court made the following assertions: that “proof of ‘any exposure’ to a defendant’s product will not suffice” to establish liability, that “the dose must be quantified,” and that “the plaintiff must establish that the defendant’s product was a substantial factor in causing the plaintiff’s disease.”

Woman alleges exposure to asbestos in Georgia Pacific products caused cancer

HOUSTON – A woman alleges exposure to asbestos during her career caused her to develop mesothelioma.

Customer blames convenience store operators for injuries

HOUSTON — A Harris County woman is suing a Houston convenience store operator, alleging its negligence led to injuries for the plaintiff.

Customer blames McDonald's for injuries

GALVESTON — A customer is suing McDonalds, alleging its negligence caused her to suffer injuries.