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More than $200,000 sought from George Bush Intercontinental Airport by woman who fell

HOUSTON – A Spring woman alleges she was injured because of the condition of the floor at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Houston man seeks more than $200,000 from Houston, police department over dog bite

HOUSTON – A resident of Houston has filed suit against the city and its police department after he was bitten by a dog owned by the city.

Motorist alleges Houston police cruiser caused damages to vehicle

HOUSTON – A Houston man alleges his vehicle sustained more than $20,000 in damages after it was struck by a Houston police cruiser.

Houston seeks damages from man over collision with police officer

HOUSTON – The city of Houston has filed suit against a man who allegedly drove impaired and struck a police officer's vehicle.

Motorist seeks $200,000 from Houston over collision with officer

HOUSTON – A motorist alleges a Houston officer failed to yield at stop sign and caused a collision.

Woman alleges she was injured because Target failed to warn of liquid on floor

HOUSTON – A shopper at a Humble store alleges it failed to warn of liquid on the floor that caused her to fall.

Woman seeks more than $200,000 after injury caused by door at Bush International Airport

HOUSTON – A traveler at the Bush International Airport alleges she needed surgery after being knocked to the ground by a sliding door.

African-American firefighter files discrimination claim against Houston

HOUSTON – A former Houston firefighter alleges he was discrimination against because of his race and disability.

Man alleges Life Time Fitness failed to warn of machine's dangerous condition

HOUSTON – A Harris County man alleges he was injured at a Houston gym when the equipment struck him.

Woman seeks more than $200,000 after she fell stepping from Houston elevator

HOUSTON – A Houston woman alleges that she was injured when exiting an elevator in an underground parking garage.

I.C. Systems Inc. accused of violating telephone harassment rules

Consumers are suing I.C. Systems Inc., a debt collector, for alleged violation of telephone harassment statutes.

Consumer blames lawnmower company, retailer for injuries

BEAUMONT — A Jefferson County customer is suing the Toro lawnmower company, a retailer and vendor, alleging negligence led to injuries for the plaintiff.

AG Paxton announces $18.5M settlement with Target to resolve 2013 data breach

AUSTIN – On May 23, Attorney General Ken Paxton announced an $18.5 million settlement with the Target Corporation to resolve a multistate investigation into the retail company's 2013 data breach.

Mother blames Target for daughter's injuries

GALVESTON — A Galveston County woman and her child are suing Target, alleging negligence led to the daughter being injured by a faulty automatic door.

Customer blames Target for injuries

HOUSTON — A Harris County customer is suing Target, alleging negligence caused the plaintiff to suffer injuries.

Frisco consumer accuses collection agencies of harassment

SHERMAN — A Frisco man is suing collection agencies, alleging unconscionable collection practices.   

Pharmacy alleges benefits manager owes $759,000

HOUSTON — A Woodlands pharmacy is suing a pharmacy benefits manager, alleging breach of contract and owing more than $759,000.

Beaumont woman blames Weingarten Realty for fall

BEAUMONT – A Beaumont woman is suing a realty company, alleging negligence over a slip and fall at the defendant's office.

Couple sues commercial truck driver, employer

SHERMAN – A Texas couple has filed a suit against a truck driver and his employer after an accident allegedly left them injured.

Plano man alleges collection agency placed erroneous debt on credit report

SHERMAN – A Plano man is suing a collection agency, alleging it ruined his credit by posting an erroneous debt on his credit report.