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Target shopper blames melted Icee drink for fall at Port Arthur store

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Sep 3, 2018

BEAUMONT – An Orange woman alleges a melted frozen drink caused her to fall at a Port Arthur store.

Consumer alleges entertainment system installed by Best Buy doesn't function properly

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jul 11, 2018

HOUSTON – A Harris County man alleges a home entertainment system he purchased still does not function properly.

More than $200,000 sought from George Bush Intercontinental Airport by woman who fell

By Philip Gonzales | May 2, 2018

HOUSTON – A Spring woman alleges she was injured because of the condition of the floor at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Houston man seeks more than $200,000 from Houston, police department over dog bite

By Philip Gonzales | May 2, 2018

HOUSTON – A resident of Houston has filed suit against the city and its police department after he was bitten by a dog owned by the city.

Motorist alleges Houston police cruiser caused damages to vehicle

By Philip Gonzales | May 1, 2018

HOUSTON – A Houston man alleges his vehicle sustained more than $20,000 in damages after it was struck by a Houston police cruiser.

Houston seeks damages from man over collision with police officer

By Philip Gonzales | Apr 9, 2018

HOUSTON – The city of Houston has filed suit against a man who allegedly drove impaired and struck a police officer's vehicle.

Motorist seeks $200,000 from Houston over collision with officer

By Philip Gonzales | Mar 23, 2018

HOUSTON – A motorist alleges a Houston officer failed to yield at stop sign and caused a collision.

Man alleges race was factor in termination from Best Buy store

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Feb 6, 2018

BEAUMONT – An African-American man alleges his race was a factor in his termination from a Beaumont business.

Woman alleges she was injured because Target failed to warn of liquid on floor

By Philip Gonzales | Jan 24, 2018

HOUSTON – A shopper at a Humble store alleges it failed to warn of liquid on the floor that caused her to fall.

Woman seeks more than $200,000 after injury caused by door at Bush International Airport

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 6, 2017

HOUSTON – A traveler at the Bush International Airport alleges she needed surgery after being knocked to the ground by a sliding door.

African-American firefighter files discrimination claim against Houston

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 6, 2017

HOUSTON – A former Houston firefighter alleges he was discrimination against because of his race and disability.

Man alleges Life Time Fitness failed to warn of machine's dangerous condition

By Philip Gonzales | Nov 28, 2017

HOUSTON – A Harris County man alleges he was injured at a Houston gym when the equipment struck him.

Woman seeks more than $200,000 after she fell stepping from Houston elevator

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 22, 2017

HOUSTON – A Houston woman alleges that she was injured when exiting an elevator in an underground parking garage.

I.C. Systems Inc. accused of violating telephone harassment rules

By Mike Torres | Jun 21, 2017

Consumers are suing I.C. Systems Inc., a debt collector, for alleged violation of telephone harassment statutes.

Consumer blames lawnmower company, retailer for injuries

By Philip Gonzales | May 31, 2017

BEAUMONT — A Jefferson County customer is suing the Toro lawnmower company, a retailer and vendor, alleging negligence led to injuries for the plaintiff.

AG Paxton announces $18.5M settlement with Target to resolve 2013 data breach

By David Yates | May 23, 2017

AUSTIN – On May 23, Attorney General Ken Paxton announced an $18.5 million settlement with the Target Corporation to resolve a multistate investigation into the retail company's 2013 data breach.

Mother blames Target for daughter's injuries

By Philip Gonzales | May 22, 2017

GALVESTON — A Galveston County woman and her child are suing Target, alleging negligence led to the daughter being injured by a faulty automatic door.

Customer blames Target for injuries

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Apr 13, 2017

HOUSTON — A Harris County customer is suing Target, alleging negligence caused the plaintiff to suffer injuries.

Frisco consumer accuses collection agencies of harassment

By The SE Texas Record | Jul 19, 2016

SHERMAN — A Frisco man is suing collection agencies, alleging unconscionable collection practices.   

Pharmacy alleges benefits manager owes $759,000

By The SE Texas Record | Jul 15, 2016

HOUSTON — A Woodlands pharmacy is suing a pharmacy benefits manager, alleging breach of contract and owing more than $759,000.

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