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Medicredit Inc. alleged to have invaded consumers' privacy with collection calls

HOUSTON – Two consumers allege a debt collector has invaded their privacy with collection calls.

Monsanto, Helena Chemical take discovery dispute to Texas Supreme Court

HOUSTON – The Texas Supreme Court has been asked to intervene in a discovery dispute between chemical companies Helena Chemical Co. and Monsanto.

The Hartford Insurance Group alleged to have failed to pay injury claim

GALVESTON – A League City couple alleges their insurer failed to pay their damages after an auto accident.

LaBelleCo Fab, LaBelle Air employee alleges tool electrocuted him, seeks $1 million

BEAUMONT – Two Beaumont businesses are facing a suit from an employee seeking more than $1 million after he was injured while working.

Consumer alleges she was damaged by actions of Edward D. Jones employee regarding annuity

HOUSTON – A Katy consumer alleges she has been damaged by the negligent misrepresentation of a financial adviser and insurance company.

Amazing Pet Expos accused of breach of contract

Two Texas companies company and three individuals are suing AE Group LLC d/b/a Amazing Pet Expos for alleged breach of contract.

KCSR employee sues railroad for $750K, claims railcar dragged him

BEAUMONT – A Kansas City Southern Railway employee is suing the company for more than $750,000 in damages, alleging he was injured while on the job.

Railroad worker alleges he was unlawfully terminated after being injured on the job

HOUSTON – An Oklahoma man alleges he was terminated after being injured on the job.

Family blames health care providers for relative's death

HOUSTON — A family is suing Houston health care providers, alleging their negligence led to the death of a relative. 

Motorist alleges trucking company caused crash

MARSHALL — A motorist is suing a trucking company, alleging one of the defendant's drivers caused a crash that resulted in injuries. 

Houston man alleges debt collector guilty of phone harassment

HOUSTON — A Houston man is suing a debt collector, alleging violation of telephone harassment statutes.

Legally Speaking: Bored with the movies? Go to the courthouse instead

Like many Americans, I had more than my fill of three things this holiday season: turkey, egg nog and movies.