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Family Dollar seeks to compel discovery from slip & fall plaintiff

By David Yates | Jun 13, 2018

BEAUMONT — Family Dollar Stores of Texas recently filed a motion to compel discovery in a suit brought a Hardin County woman, who alleges the store’s negligence caused her to slip and fall.

None Dare Call It Politics: Anatomy of a Witch Hunt, Part 3

By Mark Pulliam | Jan 16, 2018

On November 4, 2014, when the 51-year-old Ken Paxton was triumphantly elected Attorney General of Texas, defeating his Democrat opponent, the euphoniously named Sam Houston, by over 20 percentage points, the conservative movement in the Lone Star State had a new rising star. Paxton’s enemies were worried; the Tea Party favorite, an impressive University of Virginia law school graduate, seemed bound for the Governor’s mansion, a prospect that made the state’s centrist GOP Establishment aghast. Paxton’s political career had been nothing short of meteoric. First elected to public office in 2002 with the support of grass-roots activists and evangelicals, Paxton represented his suburban Dallas district in the Texas House of Representatives for a decade before winning a coveted promotion to the exclusive 31-member Texas Senate in 2012.

Consumers seek rescission of sale of KZ Durango Gold over alleged defects

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 18, 2017

BEAUMONT – Two consumers are seeking a rescission of the purchase of a recreational vehicle they allege has defects.

Patron blames Nike store for injuries

By Philip Gonzales | Jul 3, 2017

GALVESTON — A Harris County man is suing Nike, alleging a store's negligence led to injuries for the plaintiff. .

Law firm alleges clients owe nearly $1.4 million

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 19, 2017

HOUSTON — A Chicago-based law firm with an office in Houston is suing clients, alleging breach of an agreement in failing to pay nearly $1.4 million.

Customer blames Family Dollar store for injuries

By Philip Gonzales | May 30, 2017

BEAUMONT — A Hardin County woman is suing Family Dollar, alleging the store's negligence caused injuries to the plaintiff.

Customer blames Lowe's Home Centers for injuries

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 11, 2016

GALVESTON — A Texas woman is suing Lowe's Home Centers, alleging its negligence caused her to be exposed to toxic chemicals. 

Employee blames Lowe's Home Center for injuries

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 4, 2016

GALVESTON — A Lake Jackson man is suing Lowe's Home Center, alleging Lowe's negligence led to the plaintiff suffering injuries. 

Technician alleges employer did not pay overtime

By The SE Texas Record | Jul 20, 2016

TYLER — A technician is suing a Frisco company, alleging failure to pay proper overtime wages. 

Harris County woman blames Texas City property owners for injuries

By The SE Texas Record | Jul 5, 2016

GALVESTON — A Harris County woman is suing Texas City property owners, alleging their negligence caused her to suffer injuries.

Driver alleges millwork manufacturer owes overtime wages

By The SE Texas Record | Jun 24, 2016

HOUSTON — A Fort Worth driver is suing a Texas millwork business, alleging failure to pay overtime.

U.S. litigation panel sends Enron-centered case back to NY court

By Mike Helenthal | Jun 22, 2016

NEW YORK – One of the last remaining cases stemming from the bankruptcy of Houston-based commodities giant Enron Corp. will go back to the New York federal court where it was initially filed in 2002.

Employee accuses Lowe's of disability discrimination

By Wadi Reformado | Jun 8, 2016

HOUSTON — An employee is suing Lowe's, alleging she was terminated due to a disability.

Woman claims she was injured while shopping at Lowe's

By Wadi Reformado | May 19, 2016

HOUSTON – A Crosby woman is suing a home improvement chain alleging she was injured at the Baytown store.

2 employees allege Bank of America failed to pay overtime

By Wadi Reformado | May 13, 2016

HOUSTON — Two employees are suing Bank of America, alleging failure to pay overtime wages.

Woman alleges Crossroads RV sold defective vehicle

By Wadi Reformado | Mar 30, 2016

HOUSTON – A woman alleges she was sold a defective RV.

JMS Southeast Inc. accused of breach of contract

By The SE Texas Record | Feb 18, 2016

GALVESTON – A Texas man is suing a North Carolina corporation over claims it did not pay him a severance package.

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