News from July 2007

Benzene blamed for lab tech's lymphoma

By David Yates | Jul 24, 2007

Darren Brown For nearly 40 years Paul Strother worked at a B.F. Goodrich Co. laboratory as a technician. 23 years after he retired, Strother died of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Blaming his benefactor's death on "needless benzene exposure," J. Frances Strother is suing Shell Oil and 24 other major chemical companies.

Fittz sues 16 companies for asbestos exposure

By David Yates | Jul 24, 2007

Between the years of 1964 to 1985 Louie Fittz claims he worked at several area refineries. Now residing in Deweyville, Fittz says he was recently diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease and is suing the American Optical Corp., along with 15 other companies, for "negligently exposing him to asbestos," while "fraudulently concealing" the mineral's latent dangers.

Couple sues for Rita claim

By David Yates | Jul 24, 2007

A Beaumont couple, whose home was damaged when Hurricane Rita struck the Golden Triangle area, is suing their insurance provider and two of its adjusters for denying their property damage claim.

Legally Speaking: From Ground Zero to the Courtroom -- For Heroes of 9/11, The Fight Has Only Changed Location

By John G. Browning | Jul 24, 2007

For James Zadroga, the late night errand to fetch his 4 year-old daughter a drink should have been a simple one. But on this January night, Zadroga's tortured, scarred lungs finally gave out, four years after the 34-year-old former New York City police detective initially developed respiratory problems while working in the rubble of the World Trade Center after Sept. 11, 2001.

Texas AG demands campaign finance fines from polka dancing judge

By Rob Luke | Jul 24, 2007

Greg Abbott AUSTIN -- Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott wants a Dallas District Court judge to pay up for keeping quiet about campaign donations.

PA native killed in Iraq

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jul 25, 2007

U.S. Army Pfc. Brandon Keith Bobb, a native of Port Arthur, was killed July 17 while serving in Iraq.

$54 million pants fund-raiser eases Chungs' legal pain

By Ann Knef | Jul 25, 2007

$54 million pants under guard WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The owners of a Washington, D.C. dry cleaning business got some relief at a legal defense fund-raiser Tuesday night as guests from around the country turned out to help their brethren.

Borrero promoted to BPD sergeant

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jul 25, 2007

Sgt. Yvette Borrero Beaumont Police Officer Yvette Borrero was promoted to sergeant July 20.

Injury suit filed over fall at Kroger

By David Yates | Jul 25, 2007

Kroger on Dowlen Road Exactly two years ago, Marilyn Kaye Renfro paid a visit to the Dowlen Kroger, where she claims she slipped and fell because a Kroger manager allowed a "slip hazard to remain on the floor without any barricade or warning."

Not negligent: Jury says Mobil did not cause the death of Joyce Myers

By David Yates | Jul 25, 2007

The asbestos trial of Joyce Myers et al vs. Mobil Oil ended Wednesday, July 25, with jurors' dismissing the accusation that Mobil "maliciously" and "negligently" caused Myers' cancerous death.

Woman sues Allstate for not keeping her in "good hands" after Rita

By David Yates | Jul 25, 2007

Eloise Gorman thought she was in "good hands" by insuring her home through Allstate. However, to date, her home remains "uninhabitable," and Allstate is still adamantly refusing to pay Gorman's Hurricane Rita property damage claim.

Man killed in accident at DuPont

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jul 25, 2007

One man is dead following an industrial accident in Orange county.

Abbott strong arms guards' union over border workers' contracts

By Rob Luke | Jul 25, 2007

AUSTIN -- Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott yesterday filed suits in two cities against the union covering security guards and companies supplying immigration and customs workers.

Jury finds in favor of cable company defendant in Marshall patent trial

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jul 26, 2007

Defense attorney John Desmarais A Marshall jury found a cable company did not infringe on patents it used to provide high-speed data service.

City reaches settlement with injured motorcycle driver

By David Yates | Jul 26, 2007

Beaumont City Council agreed to cut Glenn McNeel a $75,000 check on Tuesday, July 24. Back in 2005, McNeel filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming he lost control of his motorcycle and wrecked when the bike's tire "struck elevated pavement."

Time to register for Business Expo 2007

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jul 26, 2007

The 2007 Southeast Texas Business Expo, sponsored by the Greater Beaumont and Greater Port Arthur Chambers of Commerce, is set for 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 18 at the Beaumont Civic Center.

Recent foreclosures filed in Jefferson County, July 23-25

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jul 26, 2007

-CitiMortgage filed an application for home equity foreclosure on July 25 against Peaches Brydson, 4490 Cadillac, Beaumont, Texas 77705.

Deputy sues after staircase collapses

By David Yates | Jul 26, 2007

Jason Gibson Crushed by a three-story staircase while conducting a criminal investigation in June, Harris County Deputy Sheriff Larry Pohlmeyer blamed his injuries on the apartment owner and a wrecker service and filed suit.

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