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Man sues IHOP for tripping over mat

David Vardaman and his wife Elizabeth are suing the International House of Pancakes. David claims he had just entered the restaurant, "when suddenly and without warning, he tripped over rolled up mats."

This Just In: Recent civil filings in Jefferson County District Courts

Nov. 7

Memorial Hermann wrongful death trial continues

Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital Lester Thomas, 64, was overweight, a diabetic and had a chronic smoking history, all conditions which more than likely caused him to suffer a heart attack and die, said Dr. James Wallace, as testimony continued in the trial of Patsy Thomas et al vs. Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas.

Recent patent/copyright infringement cases filed in U.S. District Court

Marshall Division, Eastern District of Texas

New business licenses/assumed names issued in Jefferson County

Orig. Filing Date: 11/08/2007 Certificate #: 71720

Appeals court rejects firefighters' arbitration agreement

Arbitrator Zane Lumbley of Monroe, Wash., abandoned his neutrality so outrageously for the benefit of Beaumont firefighters that he hurt every municipal employee in Texas.

Boston bonanza

It was two poor Filipino ship workers who risked their livelihoods and notified the U.S. Coast Guard of illegal, secret off-shore dumping of oil sludge.

Widow sues Du Pont over husband's mesothelioma

Darren Brown The widow of Donald Sims is suing her husband's former employer, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours for "maliciously" exposing him to "toxic and carcinogenic dusts." Sims died of mesothelioma in August.

Montgomery Co. businesses take 'dirty' case to higher court

Montgomery County jurors settled a dispute over dirt with a $52,150 verdict, but the Ninth District Court of Appeals in Beaumont has ordered a new trial.

America's trust in business declines while economy stiffens

Americans are trusting businesses less and less, according to a recent survey conducted by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB reported that nearly one in five adults' trust in business decreased in the past year.

Louisiana woman sues Hydrochem, Ohmstede after inhaling toxic fumes

Mike Pierce A Louisiana woman claims she was injured after inhaling toxic fumes at a Lake Charles refinery.

Orange case over trade secrets, Chinese plant removed to federal court

In October, the Record reported on a lawsuit that involved two global chemical companies battling over a Chinese power plant project and the trade secrets needed for its development, which may have been leaked at a plant in Orange.

Suit filed over HRT drugs blamed for breast cancer

A Jasper County woman has filed a federal lawsuit against Pfizer and Wyeth, claiming the hormone therapy drugs manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies caused her breast cancer.

Family of dead shrimper files Jones Act suit

A Gulf shrimp boat Returning from a shrimping run off the coast of Port Isabel, Jose Rodriguez suffered an anxiety attack as the U.S. Coast Guard investigated the vessel on which he was serving. The next day, Rodriguez was found dead.

Street preachers say arrest violated civil rights

A file photo from the group's Web site shows SPF Director Ron McRae preaching in Washington, D.C. Members of the World Wide Street Preachers' Fellowship (SPF) are suing Beaumont's mayor and police chief, claiming their First Amendment rights were violated when they were arrested for "preaching about the sins of homosexuality."

Class action filed against home lender

David Dodge An Arizona couple has filed a class-action suit against a Texas lender for improperly charging interest on residential loans.

Class action against Premcor alleges pollution caused children's' asthma

Jim Blackburn Roughly 100 Port Arthur residents have banded together and filed suit against The Premcor Refining Group, alleging the company's refinery has illegally bombarded area neighborhoods, schools and churches with "toxic" pollution.

Former health center exec alleges gender discrimination

The former CEO for Gulf Coast Health Center Inc. has filed suit against the care provider, claiming she was fired because she is a female.

Janitor files wrongful termination suit against school district

TEXARKANA � Custodial crew leader, Narcisco (Cecil) Ortega, Jr., believes he was terminated from his job as retaliation for filing a discrimination charge against his employer, Frisco Independent School District.

Appeals court: Ford not liable for 2003 toddler death at Groves sno-cone stand

Ford Expedition The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a favorable judgment in a product liability wrongful death suit against Ford Motor Company on Nov. 15.