News from September 2007

Junk science comes to Jefferson County

By The SE Texas Record | Sep 15, 2007

Without synthetic rubber, we would have lost World War II.

$156 M verdict against ATT in patent suit

By Marilyn Tennissen | Sep 17, 2007

Doug Cawley of McKool Smith A federal jury delivered a $156 million verdict against AT&T Friday in a patent infringement lawsuit brought by a Dallas-based communications company.

AT&T files suit against appraisal district

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2007

Not happy with the appraised value of its cellular service store in the Golden Triangle, AT&T Mobility has filed suit against the Jefferson County Appraisal District, claiming its property tax rate is "excessive and unlawful."

Landlord serves creamery with suit for rent

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2007

It may be known for serving West End residents with decadent frozen desserts, but now its Cold Stone Creamery's turn to be served.

Transport co. delivers goods, gets no payment

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2007

Dragon Transport Dragon Products, Ltd. has filed a lawsuit against TXD Transport, claiming TXD purchased $1.3 million worth of equipment but never paid the bill.

Man sues Raiford for lemon pickup

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2007

Ford 250 Mike Stegall is claiming he was sold a "lemon" and is suing Ford Motor Co. and Raiford Motors, Inc., the dealership that sold him his F250 pickup truck.

Contractors involved in suit over McDonald gym renovation

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2007

An Allco site Summit Electric Supply Co. says it supplied nearly $100,000 worth of materials to an Allco Construction, Ltd. subcontractor so it could renovate the McDonald Recreational Sports Facility at Lamar University, but has still not received a payment for its services.

Insurance company seeks money for having to pay workers' comp benefits

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2007

Injured when a hooking device caused roof material to collapse on him, Ngo Nguyen is suing the ProservAnchor Crane Group and two other companies for Workers' Compensation recovery and punitive damages.

Collapsed scaffold results in injury, lawsuit

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2007

Benny Agosto Jr. Oscar Rodriguez climbed some distance up a scaffold and then decided to rest. As he did, he claims the scaffold "fell apart," causing him to fall 50 feet.

Soapy mess leads Beaumont couple to sue Whirlpool

By David Yates | Sep 18, 2007

It may sound like a scene from an "I Love Lucy" episode, but "too much soap" in an overflowing dishwasher was no laughing matter for a Beaumont couple.

CALA applauds transparency code for state AGs

By The SE Texas Record | Sep 18, 2007

Press release from Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) groups in Texas applauded a proposed Transparency Code issued by the American Tort Reform Association to enhance public disclosure of contractual arrangements between state attorneys general and private contingency fee lawyers.

Kansas man files against GM in Texas suit

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Sep 18, 2007

2004 Chevy Trailblazer MARSHALL -- A Kansas resident filed a motor vehicle product liability suit against GM, alleging his Trail Blazer did not have a stability control device.

Suit says BISD teacher assaulted student

By David Yates | Sep 18, 2007

A former student at Central High School in Beaumont, Texas is claiming a teacher "excessively" disciplined him.

'Excessively waxed' floor leads to slip and fall suit against Cheddar's

By David Yates | Sep 18, 2007

While dinning at the Cheddar's Restaurant in Beaumont, Sandra Thornton claims she was injured when she slipped on a polished floor.

Discovery deadline extended in Wendy's personal injury suit

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Sep 18, 2007

MARSHALL -- After reviewing a joint motion, a federal judge has granted an extension to complete discovery in a personal injury suit by a former Wendy's Restaurant employee who says she was robbed at work.

BP agrees to settle with 4 victims of 2005 refinery explosion

By Marilyn Tennissen | Sep 19, 2007

Brent Coon BP agreed Sept. 18 to settle claims by four victims of an explosion at its Texas City refinery, ending the first trial over the March 2005 explosion. The terms were not disclosed.

Legally Speaking: I speak lawyer

By John G. Browning | Sep 19, 2007

In a recent column, I discussed the importance of trained court interpreters. But some readers have reminded me that when they visit a lawyer, they feel the need for an interpreter just to understand their attorney or the legal documents put before them!

Commissioners address budget, tax rate on Monday

By The SE Texas Record | Sep 19, 2007

A Public Hearing will be held 1:30 p.m. Sept. 24 to allow public comment on the proposed 2007-2008 Budget for Jefferson County.

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