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58th Court District 2/2011

By Carrie Gonzalez | Dec 20, 2010


American Crane settles suit over crushed hand

By David Yates | Dec 20, 2010

Minutes before a summary judgment hearing was slated to begin Monday, American Crane & Rigging opted to settle a lawsuit alleging it was responsible for crushing an Orange County man's hand.

Medical facilities blamed for woman's death

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Dec 20, 2010

GALVESTON - W. Perry Evans of Texas City faults Friendship Haven Inc.; Clear Lake Regional Medical Center Inc.; Regent Care Center of League City, Limited Partnership and Cornerstone Health Management Co. for the death of Bertha Reed, recent court documents say.

Resort sued for failure to pay for hurricane repairs

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Dec 20, 2010

GALVESTON - National Catastrophe Services Inc. claims that Silverleaf Resorts Inc. owes it $60,345 for a variety of services performed after Hurricane Ike, recent court documents say.

Texas Times: Protecting The Most Vulnerable This Season

By U.S. Sen. John Cornyn | Dec 20, 2010

This holiday season, while many of us are fortunate to spend quality time with our loved ones enjoying the spirit of the season, there are many children across Texas and the country who are subjected to a much different experience.

Defendants go separate ways in med-mal complaint

By David Yates | Dec 20, 2010

In October, two hospitals and a physician had their respective motions to dismiss denied by Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court.

City of Port Neches, SIMCO prepare for January trial

By David Yates | Dec 20, 2010

The city of Port Neches and SIMCO Enterprises went through pre-trial exercises on Monday, Dec. 20, to better prepare for their upcoming trial set for Jan. 10.

Catfish Kitchen goes belly up, leaves leasers on the hook

By David Yates | Dec 20, 2010

The owners of Catfish Kitchen have filed suit against a man they allowed to use their name and rent a restaurant location, alleging the defendant closed up shop and broke his lease commitment.

Attorney withdrawals in family dispute case over PA woman naming pastor as beneficiary

By David Yates | Dec 20, 2010

No action has been taken place in a probate case centered a deceased Port Arthur woman who left her entire state to her preacher.

Fall in Dickinson parking lot leads to lawsuit

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Dec 21, 2010

GALVESTON - After hurting herself in a Dickinson parking lot, a Huntsville woman has filed suit against the premises owners, Dixie Partners II LP and Big D Properties Inc.

H.B. Neild and Sons seeks summary judgment in suit over scaffold collapse at cathedral

By David Yates | Dec 21, 2010

Arguing that it is not responsible for how an independent contractor controls a worksite, defendant H.B. Neild and Sons recently filed a no-evidence motion for summary judgment.

Defendant Rowan non-suits third party in worker injury case

By David Yates | Dec 21, 2010

In January, Port Neches resident Rafael Gutierrez, who injured his back while lifting equipment, filed suit against Rowan Companies, who then turned and sued Precision Petroleum, the man's employer.

FELA suit filed against Watco over worker's heat injuries

By David Yates | Dec 21, 2010

Alleging Watco companies should have known he was heat sensitive, Michael Hudson recently filed suit against the railroad company.

Landlord sues investment firm, fitness club for breaking lease

By David Yates | Dec 21, 2010

Port Arthur CPDC, a Louisiana based company, claims a fitness club and investment firm have broken their lease and failed to pay rent.

Nurse claims doctor violated HIPAA rights

By David Yates | Dec 21, 2010

Alleging violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Rachel Kimar, a nurse at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas, has filed suit against Dr. Otto Miller.

Man with crushed arm files petition to take deposition before suit

By David Yates | Dec 21, 2010

Perhaps a precursor to future litigation, Jonathon Villerreal has filed a petition to take deposition before suit, claiming his hand was crushed while working for Express Personnel Services.

Legally Speaking: Some Defenses Never Rest

By John G. Browning | Dec 21, 2010

In previous columns, I've written about some of the more creative and even outrageous defenses that lawyers and their embattled clients have employed over the years: the murderer who claimed "caffeine intoxication," the speeding driver who claimed he lost control of the car while dunking cookies in milk, and the tax dodger who claimed "fear of filing syndrome."

Bank seeks $200K on loan default

By Kelly Holleran | Dec 21, 2010

A bank has filed suit against the two Jefferson County residents who it claims owe more than $200,000 after they defaulted on loan payments.

Beaumont man sues apartment owners over mold damage

By Kelly Holleran | Dec 21, 2010

Alabama Gardens A Jefferson County man wants to be reimbursed for items he says he lost when mold infested them following a recurring water leak at his apartment.

Electrical contractors sue Paradise Baptist Church for $88K

By David Yates | Dec 21, 2010

Progressive Electrical Contractors has filed suit against a Beaumont church in hopes of recovering more than $88,000 on past due invoices.

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