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Petitioner files application for foreclosure

A company is seeking permission to foreclose on a woman’s Beaumont property.

Attorney charged with plot to kill witness against him in barratry case

First he was indicted for barratry, but now a Corpus Christi attorney has been arrested for trying to have a witness in that barratry case killed.

Man accuses A/C company of causing fire in home

A man has filed suit against Triangle Air Care, saying its employees caused his home to catch on fire.

Woman blames allegedly intoxicated driver for causing collision

A woman has filed suit against the driver she claims struck her vehicle while driving under the influence.

Woman files lawsuit against driver who rear-ended her vehicle

A woman is condemning the speed of another driver, saying he was driving too fast when he rear-ended her vehicle.

Insurer files lawsuit after defective front end bounced off road, killed passenger

An insurance company seeks damages from the business it claims placed a defective front end replacement on a vehicle, which eventually fell off the automobile and struck a person, killing her.

Woman seeks more than $1M for injuries after crash with ambulance

A woman has filed suit against the ambulance driver she claims struck her as she was walking on the side of the road.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys strategize behind closed doors on BP claims process

NEW ORLEANS – The recent implementation of a new accounting system in the BP Deepwater Horizon settlement has slowed claims payments to a crawl, creating lots of uncertainty about who will be paid in the future, the lead attorney in the case told fellow plaintiffs’ attorneys last week at a conference sponsored by the Louisiana Association for Justice.

Man blames Hummer driver for striking him at chemical plant

A Jefferson County man says he incurred medical costs when a truck driver ran over him.

Woman sues neighbor, saying fire caused damage to her home

A woman has filed suit against her neighbor, saying her home was damaged when his caught on fire.

Bank files lawsuit against entities that failed to repay more than $4M in loans

bank has filed suit against the entities it claims have failed to timely repay more than $1 million loaned to them.

Company seeks repayment of credit card debt

A credit card company claims a Galveston County resident owes it more than $12,000 for charges she accrued on her credit card.

Woman blames injuries on driver who allegedly failed to yield right-of-way

A woman has filed suit against the driver she claims turned left in front of the vehicle in which she was riding, causing a collision.

Man blamed for terminating right to hunt exotic animals, including alligators

Two people claim their right to hunt various animals, including alligators and elk, was revoked after they paid more than $25,000 to do so.

Louisiana company accuses marketing company of copying popular game utilized in promotional material

A Louisiana business claims a marketing company infringed on its trademark rights when it sent consumers a marketing device similar to that of the Louisiana business.

Woman blames dislocated toes on display at Lowe's

A woman claims she suffered from two dislocated toes after she fell over a display of paver stones at Lowe's Home Centers.

New business licenses/assumed names issued in Jefferson County

Aug. 11-15, 2014

Jefferson County 136th District Court: Docket for September 2014


Family seeks more than $5M over father's fatal wreck

The family of a deceased man has filed suit against the company that employed the truck driver who they claim struck and killed him.

Man files lawsuit against driver who rear-ended him

A man has filed suit against the driver he claims rear-ended his vehicle.