HOUSTON – A Louisiana couple is suing Huntleigh USA Corp. after the wife reportedly sustained a fractured femur while exiting an international flight at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston two years ago.

In a lawsuit filed June 2 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas, Fay Boyd and her husband Marion accuse Huntleigh of failing to safely escort them from Lufthansa Flight 440 and through US Customs.

Court papers explain that Marion Boyd required the assistance of a wheelchair to disembark, and Fay Boyd herself required additional time to slowly get off the aircraft. They say Lufthansa contracted with the defendant to safely escort the plaintiffs away from LH 440 and through customs.

“As Fay Boyd was disembarking, departing and traveling away from the aircraft, another passenger moving at a fast pace, rushing to customs, ran into her from behind and knocked her to the ground, causing her to sustain a fractured femur, which required an open reduction internal fixation via an implanted rod,” the original petition states.

The petition additionally asserts that Huntleigh “should have ensured that Plaintiffs could safely exit the aircraft, jet way and terminal, either by requiring the delay in the disembarkment of other passengers, or by delaying Plaintiffs' trek from the plane or jet way until all other passengers had passed them.”

“Plaintiff Fay Boyd was severely and permanently injured, and suffers and will continue to suffer great physical pain and psychological trauma and bodily injuries,” the suit says. “Plaintiff Marion Boyd is now tasked with the full time care and nurturing of his wife.”

Consequently, the complainants seek unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorney Marcus R. Spagnoletti of Spagnoletti & Co. in Houston is representing the Boyds.

Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas Case No. 4:15-CV-1486

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