A Galveston County resident is suing a woman from whom he purchased property, alleging breach of contract.

Jeffrey T. Rentschler filed a lawsuit June 8 against Mary E. Gordon of Hitchcock in Galveston County District Court, citing a property dispute dating to 2011.

According to the complaint, on April 11 ,2011, Rentschler entered into a contract of deed for property in a Galveston County subdivision, and the sales contract indicated a total price of $125,064.05, broken down into monthly payment installments of principal, interest and escrow. Rentschler alleges he made all monthly payments correctly, yet the defendant served him with a document Jan. 30, 2015, demanding possession of the premises by March 1 and accusing him of failing to abide by the contract’s time frame.

The plaintiff has vacated the premises, the suit says, and maintains Gordon violated Texas property code by failing to provide a survey, written notice and several other documents required by property law.

Rentschler seeks: injunctive action against Gordon; cancellation of the executor contract for deed; a full refund of all payments made to Gordon; up to $100,000 in compensation for liquidated and statutory damages; pre- and post-judgment interest; attorney fees; expenses; and costs. He is represented by attorney Thomas McQuage of Galveston.

Galveston County District Court case number 15-CV-0074353.

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