Federal suit between software developer, Texas law firms dismissed

By David Yates | Dec 15, 2014

A suit between a foreign software developer and Texas law firms has been dismissed.

A suit between a foreign software developer and Texas law firms has been dismissed.

Claiming of copyright infringement, Farhan Iqbal, doing business as LN Technologies, in Pakistan, filed a lawsuit May 21 in federal court against Sullo & Sullo LLP, Bobbitt Law Firm PC, Gregory Sullo, Andrew Frank Sullo and Barry Bobbitt.

Court records show that on Nov. 10 the parties filed an agreed motion to dismiss, stating all disputes have been resolved.

That same day, the motion was granted and the case was dismissed with prejudice.

According to the original petition, Farhan Iqbal outsources information technology services to U.S. companies and his brother, Fahim Iqbal, who lives in the U.S., was approached by Sullo & Sullo to develop software and back office services.

Fahim contracted with the firm through his company Enation in 2007 with an understanding he would get a 15 percent share of ownership-revenues after expenses and then contracted Farhan to write the software, according to the suit. The software was used at Sullo & Sullo and at Bobbitt Law, which is owned by a former partner of Sullo & Sullo.

Fahim Iqbal never got his money and resigned from the agreement. Farhan Iqbal continued work until Feb. 3, when the law firm informed him they would no longer pay the fees. The firm was told they must cease using the software because, but the firm continued to use the software, the complaint alleges.

Charles M.R. Vethan of the Vethan Law Firm PC in Houston represents him.

United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas Houston Division Court case No. 4:14-cv-01421

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