Discovery ongoing in slip & fall suit against HEB

By David Yates | Jan 20, 2015

Discovery is still unfolding in a suit brought by a HEB shopper who sued the grocery store after injuring herself in a fall.

Alleging negligence, Juanita Louis filed a lawsuit March 18 in the Jefferson County District Court against H.E.B. Inc.

Court records show the latest filing in the case came on Nov. 24 – a certificate of discovery stating Louis had delivered to HEB her interrogatories and request for production.

In her suit, Louis says she entered the grocery store at 3930 E. Lucas Drive in Beaumont owned by H.E.B. on March 27, 2012, to shop.

She alleges she slipped in a liquid on the floor and broke her foot and ankle, according to the complaint.

Louis seeks a maximum of $75,000 in damages, plus court costs, and is represented by John Pat Parsons of Lindsay, Lindsay & Parsons.

Jefferson County District Court Case No. A195-510

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