Man files religious rights case against employer

By Carol Ostrow | Mar 26, 2015

A senior analyst brought suit against his company on allegations of religious discrimination in his 2013 termination.Scott Schultz, of Illinois, filed against Rockwater Energy Solutions of Houston on March 4 in U.S. District Court's Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas, citing religious discrimination during his 2013 employment.

Schultz was hired by the defendant in late March 2013, with an offer promising to subsidize his relocation from Illinois to Texas, according to court documents. It was agreed that his family would remain in Illinois until the end of that school year. They moved in July.

According to court documents, Schultz was not reimbursed for his relocation expenses and subjected to a hostile work environment; derogatory comments were made about his religion; and the plaintiff was ignored, subjected to epithets, and excluded from meetings by his supervisor.

Schultz was terminated in August 2013. Despite being told the reason was downsizing, the plaintiff maintains that he was terminated because he is Jewish. The company continued to hire new employees.

Citing breach of contract, deliberate discrimination, mental anguish and suffering, humiliation, distress and damage to his career, the plaintiff seeks: declaratory judgment; actual, compensatory, punitive and treble damages; lost pay or reinstatement; attorney’s fees; expenses; and costs.

Schultz is represented by Ashok Bail of the Bail Law Firm and Ian Scharfman of the Scharfman Law Firm in Houston.

U.S. District Court's Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas, case no. 4:15-cv-00584

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