A Galveston company has sued a Beaumont man, alleging breach of duty.

CACH of Galveston filed a lawsuit May 12 in Jefferson County District Court against Hamp Traylor of Beaumont, alleging breach of duty in a 2008 financial matter.

According to the complaint, on Dec. 15, 2008, Traylor was issued a credit card by Wells Fargo Bank and became obligated to pay for charges incurred on the account. The suit states Traylor defaulted on his monthly payments, and the card was subsequently canceled Jan. 31, 2012.

CACH alleges ownership of the account has been assigned to it and the entire balance on the account is due and payable in full, an amount listed as $4,220.49.

Citing breach of contract, the plaintiff alleges Traylor's use of the credit card to purchase goods and services was made according to the terms of the issuer, Wells Fargo, which issued regular monthly statements. The suit states the defendant is liable to the plaintiff.

CACH seeks: judgment in its favor for the recovery of $4,220.49; compensation for post-judgment interest; attorney fees; expenses and costs.

It is represented by attorneys Shaun Brown and Richard Clark of Brown Law in Houston.

Jefferson County District Court case number: E-197102

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