A Galveston County domestic violence victim who left her partner is suing two Texas City residents, alleging vandalism.

Heather Hughes Harris filed a lawsuit June 8 in Galveston County District Court against Ender Holland, also known as Dustin Chance Holland, and Hannah Scott, alleging property damage and harassment beginning in November 2014.

According to the complaint, on Nov. 15, 2014, Harris and Holland ceased living together and the defendants, singly and in combination, have engaged in acts of harassment and property damage by destroying personal items belonging to Hughes Harris that she was forced to leave behind when fleeing their living quarters due to domestic violence incidents.

The lawsuit states Hughes Harris will suffer irreparable harm unless the defendants are immediately restrained.

The suit alleges conversion of property, and Hughes Harris complains Holland is gifting her possessions to Scott, his new partner. The suit specifically states the defendants are actively defacing the property by carving their initials into wooden surfaces without the plaintiff's consent.

Hughes Harris seeks: a temporary restraining order and injunction; a permanent injunction; bond to be set as appropriate; attorney fees; expenses and costs. She is represented by Bret Griffin of The Law Firm of Bret Griffin in Houston.

Galveston County District Court case number CV-0074416.

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