More than a dozen hearings were held in Judge Gary Sanderson's 60th District Court on Jan. 30, several of which are cases covered by the Southeast Texas Record.

John Ardoin vs. ISP Synthetic Elastomers et al, was initially reported on by the Record in September 2007.

Ardoin, a former Turner Brothers worker, rolled three separate injures into one lawsuit. Ardoin sued ISP and five other companies for injuries he claims have left him crippled, partially deaf, blind in one eye and sexually impaired.

One of the suit's defendants, Mustang Tractor, went before Judge Sanderson on Friday and argued its case for summary judgment � a motion that if approved could excuse Mustang Tractor from the suit.

(Case No. B179-966)

In the case of David Ray vs. Dr. Lawrence Sanders, another summary judgment issue, the plaintiff sued his physician for not detecting his cancer.

Ray, a Huntsman Petrochemical employee, sued the company doctor, Dr. Sanders, claiming the physician ignored warning signs of an enlarging prostate.

Now diagnosed with prostate cancer, Ray alleges Dr. Sanders could have helped to halt the disease before it spread if only he had "recognized the dangers associated with increasing PSA levels," court documents state.

(Case No. B181-681)

The third case of interest, Annie Hadnot vs. Christus Health Southeast Texas Inc., is a medical-malpractice suit in which the parties are currently arguing over obtaining records pertaining to the case.

In May 2007 the Record reported that on May 18, 2005, Renita Rochelle Hadnot, 47, entered a hospital operated by Christus under the care of Dr. Usman Zafar of Jasper.

The suit did not specify the nature of Hadnot's illness or the specific treatment she received, but the original petition says that during course of treatment the defendants "engaged in several acts and omissions constituting negligence."

Hadnot's mother, Annie Lois Hadnot, filed a wrongful death medical malpractice suit on her daughter's behalf.

The suit names Christus Jasper Memorial Hospital, Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth, Dr. Zafar and Pfizer Inc. as defendants.
The suit also alleges Zafar and the hospital failed to properly diagnose Hadnot, did not properly treat her or monitor her condition.

The defendants are negligent "in failing to properly and timely act to avoid the injuries to and death of Renita Rochelle Hadnot."

On Friday, the plaintiff's attorneys asked the judge to enforce their compel documents motion.

(Case No. B179-341)

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