Joel Grossman

A Jefferson County man filed a personal injury suit on March 9 against a crane company claiming a rusty door caused him to fall from the crane's cab.

Arthur Wayne Gray is suing Maxim Crane Works LLC, a Delaware-based company that leased a crane to a Jefferson County business.

Gray claims that around April 11, 2005, he was on the job standing on a 30-ton Lorraine crane leased from Maxim. While attempting to close the cab door, Gray said the door fell off causing him to lose balance and fall 6 feet to the ground. The plaintiff said he sustained injuries to his back and neck.

An investigation by Gray's employer determined that the crane had been poorly maintained, which allowed the door runners to become rusty and the wheels that the door slides on to come off track.

In the suit, the plaintiff claims the crane company's negligence caused his injuries. In addition, Gray states that the lease agreement on the crane implied a warranty that the product was reasonably fit for its intended purpose. Since the crane was not properly maintained and therefore not reasonably fit, the plaintiff claims that Maxim was also in breach of warranty.

Gray is seeking damages for physical pain and mental anguish, reasonable and necessary medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, physical impairment and disfigurement.

Gray is represented by Joel Grossman of Houston.

The case has been assigned to Jefferson County 60th District Court Judge Gary Sanderson.

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