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Mar. 29, 2007, 7:00am

This Just In

New civil filings in Jefferson County District Courts

March 1
Phillip Kent Patin and Julia Mae Patin vs. Exxon Mobil Corp.
PA � Rodney Barnwell; J � Bob Wortham
- Kent Patin, a refinery worker, filed the suit against Exxon Mobil and other chemical companies for allowing him to exposed to toxic chemicals.
The plaintiff has been diagnosed with leukemia, and alleges the disease was caused by benzene exposure during his 30-year career as an instrument engineer for various contractors at refineries in Texas.
Patin says the companies were negligent for failing to warn of the adverse health effects of the chemical exposure and failing to provide personal protective equipment and safe work procedures.
Case number: A178-829

March 2
David Paderas et al vs. Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth et al
PA � David Dies; J � Donald Floyd
- The family of Lynette Paderas filed a wrongful death suit against a Beaumont hospital and two neurosurgeons, claiming the staff failed to respond when Paderas suffered a heart attack.
According to the suit, Paderas underwent cervical spinal surgery under the care of Dr. Lo and Dr. Kubala. Following the surgery, Paderas had continued symptoms of pain and was admitted to St. Elizabeth. Plaintiffs say the evidence will show that during hospitalization Paderas suffered from a heart attack and that the doctors and employees failed to take steps to treat her.
Case number: E178-834

Estate of Voight C. Wainwright vs. A.O. Smith Corporation
PA � Bryan Blevins; J � Gary Sanderson
- The estate of Voight C. Wainwright filed an asbestos suit against 42 defendant corporations in Jefferson County District Court March 2, claiming his disease was wrongfully caused. Wainwright was a seaman and laborer who worked around asbestos and asbestos-related materials. He died from mesothelioma.
Plaintiffs allege the defendants manufactured, sold or distributed asbestos-containing products that were unreasonably dangerous and defective, failed to adequately warn of the dangers of asbestos and continued to distribute and/or manufacture asbestos-containing products after the hazards of asbestos exposure were well known. With respect to one of the defendants, 3M, the complaint alleges company's mask products failed to provide adequate respiratory protection.
Case number: B178-832

March 8
Estate of Carolyn Ann Stewart vs. John Allen Schmidt MD et al
PA � Craig Lewis; J � Bob Wortham
- The family of Carolyn Stewart of Chambers County filed a health care liability claim against Dr. John Allen Schmidt and the Medical Center of Southeast Texas after the woman died following a gastric bypass procedure. The plaintiffs allege that Dr. Schmidt was not qualified to do the procedure and even though the surgery was performed under the supervision of an accredited physician, Schmidt punctured Stewart's aorta. Stewart died six days after the surgery.
Case number: A178-867

March 14
Stephanie Wright et al vs. Sabine Pilots et al
PA � Hillary Green; J � Gary Sanderson
- The family of Sydney Wright Jr., who drowned when his fishing boat overturned in the Intracoastal Waterway has filed a wrongful death suit against against the Sabine Pilots Association and American Eagle Tankers Inc. which they claim negligently created a wave that caused the boat to capsize. The plaintiff alleges the ship and pilots were traveling at a high rate of speed and were negligent for not paying attention to the fishing boats in the area.
Case number: B178-922

March 16
Gene Ricks vs. Moran Towing of Texas
PA � Gregory Allen; J � Donald Floyd
- Gene Ricks, an Orange County resident, is seeking $1 million in damages from the owners of a tugboat where he worked as a merchant seaman.
Ricks said he suffered injuries to his hand and arm when a line snapped on one of Moran's ships. The plaintiff claims that Moran was negligent by failing to provide a safe and seaworthy ship on which to work, since at the time of the incident the person at the helm was unfamiliar with the vessel.
The plaintiff cited the Jones Act in his petition.
Case number: E178-925

March 20
Thomas Michael Pouch et al vs. Bausch & Lomb et al
PA � William Coffee; J � Gary Sanderson
- Thomas Michael Pouch, a Hardin County resident, filed a suit against Bausch & Lomb and other defendants over an eye infection he claims was caused by ReNu contact solution.
The plaintiff said he experienced eye pain and loss of vision after using the Bausch & Lomb product. He alleges the company was negligent for not recalling the product in a timely manner when it learned the solution may be linked to a fungal infection of the eye.
In addition, Pouch names the Wal-Mart Vision Center and pharmacy employees as defendants in the suit for recommending the contact solution.
Two of the defendants are residents of Jefferson County.
Case number: B178-976

March 21
Ramie Griffin Jr. vs. Carl Gremminger et al
PA � Jon Burmeister ; J � Milton Shuffield
- Beaumont attorney Ramie Griffin Jr. filed a personal injury suit regarding a November auto collision. The suit alleges negligence by Carl Gremminger, the driver of the vehicle that rear-ended the car Griffin was riding in. Other defendants are the driver of the car Griffin was in and AAA, Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Co. and U.S. Liability Insurance Co.
Case number: D178-980

Chris and Lavone Dobson vs. Travelers Lloyds of Texas Insurance Co. et al
PA � Kip Lamb; J � Gerson
- A Beaumont couple, Chris and Lavonne Dobson, filed a lawsuit against Travelers Lloyd of Texas Insurance Co., Maness McDaniel, Robert Barsalou and Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc. for fraudulently denying full coverage to the plaintiffs' residence, which was damaged during Hurricane Rita. Plaintiffs claim the inspector appointed to handle their claim was inexperienced.
Case number:107-818

March 22
John Davis Coleman vs. Christian Life Community Church Mid-County
PA � Adam Terrell; J � Gary Sanderson
- John Davis Coleman, a former employee of Christian Life Community Church, filed a suit against the church after he cut off fingers while operating a saw on church grounds. The plaintiff is arguing that the saw did not have a safety guard and that Christian Life was negligent in its duty to provide a safe place to work.
Case number: B178-993

March 26
Steven Deem vs. Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
PA- Pro se; J � Donald Floyd
- Inmate Steven Deem is suing the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles for 10 years of back wages for labor he performed while incarcerated, claiming the prison subjected him to slavery.
Case number: E179-001

Robert Payton Leggett vs. Global Towing Service LLC
PA � Christopher Bertini; J � Gary Sanderson
- Leggett cited the Jones Act when filing a personal injury suit against Global Towing Services. The plaintiff was a crew member on a boat owned by the defendant when he fell from a truck onto the deck of a ship while unloading cargo. The plaintiff alleges defendants were negligent in their duty to provide a safe place to work.
Case number: B179-004

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