Beaumont man sues city after driving into flooded underpass

By David Yates | Apr 5, 2007

Charles Hughes is suing the city of Beaumont for not warning him of a dangerous condition. In the midst of a storm, Hughes drove his vehicle through a flooded underpass.

He is suing the city for knowingly allowing the dangerous condition to exist and not warning people about it.

According to the plaintiff's original petition, on May 29, 2006, Hughes was traveling on Irving St. toward Washington Boulevard.

He approached an underpass and proceeded to travel through it not knowing the underpass was filled with water due to poor rainfall drainage.

Hughes was unable to stop or even reduce speed before hitting the standing water. The impact disabled his vehicle and caused his body to strike the interior of the vehicle, the petition stated.

He is claiming the defendant had actual knowledge of the dangerous condition and had a duty to eliminate the risk of harm or at least warn approaching drivers.

He is suing for mental anguish, damages and personal injury. Hughes is seeking to recover unliquidated damages within the jurisdictional limits of the Jefferson County Court at Law No. 1. He filed his suit on March 6, 2006. Judge Alfred S. Gerson will preside over the case.

Hughes is demanding a trial by jury and is represented by the Law Office of Danny Scott, located at 2390 Eastex Freeway, Suite 200.

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