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Apr. 5, 2007, 12:00pm

This Just In

New civil filings in Jefferson County District Courts, March 22 � April 4

March 22
Donald Sims vs. A.O. Smith Corp. et al
PA � Bryan Blevins, J � Gary Sanderson
Donald Sims is suing the A.O. Smith Corp. and 42 other corporations for distributing products containing asbestos. Sims claims during his 37-year employment with DuPont he was exposed to toxic dust that resulted in mesothelioma. The plaintiff's original petition also says Sims was a one or two pack a day smoker for more than 50 years.
Case number: B178-995

March 23
Joseph Morrell et al vs. Philip Services et al
PA � James Mehaffy, J � Donald Floyd
Joseph Morrell claims he sustained burns when working defendant's employee when the employee allowed condensate to overflow while using a vacuum truck. The plaintiffs say damages for the burn injury may exceed $1 million.
Case number: E179-999

March 26
Larry Deslatte vs. Saeed Ally M.D.
PA � Michael Fuerst, J � pending
Louisiana resident Larry Deslatte underwent cardiac bypass surgery at Park Place Medical Center in Port Arthur in January 2005. Plaintiff claims Dr. Ally failed to properly rewire his sternum following the surgery, and the sternum broke apart. The plaintiff alleges that Dr. Ally was negligent and breached the standard of care for failing to wire the plaintiff's sternum, failing to use a sternum plate to hold the sternum together and failing to use other accepted methods to reattach the sternum.
Case number: B179-000

March 27
Estate of Jack Nelson Morgan vs. Texaco Inc.
PA � Keith Hyde, J � Gary Sanderson
The children of Jack Nelson Morgan, a deceased Texaco refinery worker, are suing their father's former employer for exposing him to asbestos dust, which led to his death from lung cancer. The suit says the company fraudulently concealed the danger of asbestos exposure.
Case number: B179-011

March 29
Willie Mae White et al vs. City of Beaumont et al
PA � Brian Sutton, J � Donald Floyd
The family of Earnest White Jr., a Beaumont man killed as he tried to cross Cardinal Drive on foot, have filed a lawsuit against the city of Beaumont, Jefferson County and Entergy, claiming the street lights in that section of road were malfunctioning. Drivers of two vehicles that struck White have also been named as defendants. The plaintiffs argue that the city, county and electric company were negligent for not maintaining the lighting, which impaired visibility and resulted in the two vehicles striking White.
Case number: E179-038

March 29
State Farm vs. Vu Bang
PA � Rett Holiday, J -- pending
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. has filed a petition for declaratory judgment against a Jefferson County resident who unknowingly purchased a car owned by the insurance company. Owners of the vehicle sold a Mercedes Benz to another man who was using an alias and paid by a fake cashiers check. After the vehicle was reported stolen, the insurance company wrote off the car as a loss, but it turned up later after being sold to another man, Vu Bang, who bought the car from an auto lot without knowing its history. Bang said he will not relinquish ownership of the vehicle.
Case No. B179030

Estate of John Donnelly Jr. vs. E.I. DuPont De Nemours
PA � Provost Umphrey, J � Bob Wortham
Carol Donnelly, the representative of the estate of the late John Donnelly, Jr., is suing E. I. DuPont De Nemours and Company for exposing Donnelly to benzene. Donnelly worked at the Jefferson County DuPont facility beginning in 1963 and died of multiple myeloma in 2006.
Case number: A179-040

March 30
PA � Steven K. DeWolf, J- pending
Carol Randolph Brown vs. Paul Mallett MD et al
The plaintiff filed a medical malpractice suit after her husband, an inmate in a Jefferson County correctional facility, was found dead in his cell. The suit says the inmate suffered a stroke and prison medical staff and medical staff at a local hospital failed to diagnose and treat his condition, resulting in his death.
Case number: E179-058

April 2
Leona Dugas vs. Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth et al
PA � Brian Sutton, J � pending
Leona Dugas sought medical treatment from Dr. Edward Collins, a defendant in the suit, for a lesion on her hand. The plaintiff said the doctor's injection led to a staff infection that has diminished use of her hand. She has filed suit against Collins and a doctor at St. Elizabeth where she went for treatment of the infection.
Case number: D179-057

April 4
Peter Cao vs. Robert Le
PA -- Arnold & Itkin, J -- pending
Plaintiff Peter Cao was injured when he fell off a ladder while working on a shrimp boat owned by Robert Le. Under the Jones Act, the plaintiff is suing the boat's owner for negligence and seeking damages for physical impairment and mental anguish.
Case No. D179-065

ChemTreat vs. Motiva
PA -- Mehaffy Weber, J -- pending
Water treatment company ChemTreat is taking Motiva Enterprises to court over a contract. ChemTreat says it renewed a five year contract with the refinery in 2004, but Motiva terminated the contracted without notice on Jan. 31. ChemTreat says the contract value could exceed $100,000.
Case No. D179-065

Mary and Ben Wheeler vs. Farmers Insurance
PA -- John Werner, J -- pending
Mary and Ben Wheeler submitted a written claim to Farmers in 2006 for losses to their family home that are covered by a homeowner policy issued by the insurance company. Plaintiffs say Farmers refused to pay Wheelers' claim in full.
Case No. E179-066

New civil filings in Orange County District Courts, March 30 � April 2

March 30
Walter Ray Wilhelm et al vs. Landini USA
PA � Gilbert Adams, J --
Walter Ray Wilhelm and Claude Wilhelm filed a lawsuit against Rockwood Tractor Sales of Vidor after the tractor they purchased required repair 16 times in 18 months. Plaintiffs say the Landini distributor misrepresented the standards of the particular series model of tractor.
Case number: 70165C

April 2
Robert Granger et al vs. Allstate Texas Lloyds
PA � Ryan Scott, J --
Robert and Lynda Granger of Orange are taking Allstate Texas Lloyds to court for not approving repairs to their swimming pool damaged by Hurricane Rita. The couple said the insurer denied the claim of more than $30,000 for the pool without disclosing why. They are seeking the amount of the claim and exemplary damages.
Case number: 70166C

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