Orange County resident Yvonnie Williams has filed a lawsuit against Foremost Lloyds of Texas Insurance Co. for refusing to pay a claim in full following Hurricane Rita.

Williams alleges that the insurance company is guilty of theft for holding on to money it owes her.

According to Williams' petition, which was filed with the Orange County District Court on April 18, the plaintiff was contracted with Foremost. Williams said Foremost breached its contract by refusing to pay the full amount of the claim.

The suit also says Foremost is guilty of violating the Texas Insurance Code, Deceptive Trade Practices and fraud.

"The defendant denied some claims and delayed payment of other claims when liability was reasonably clear and this was a proximate cause of plaintiff's damages," the suit said, adding that there was no reasonable basis denying or delaying the claims.

However, Williams' boldest accusation is that Foremost is guilty of theft.

"Plaintiff is the owner of money being held by defendant," the suit said. "It is money which is due and owed to plaintiff."

Williams is represented by the law firm Weller, Green Toups and Terrell.

The case has been assigned to the 260th Judicial District.

Case No. D070-192-c

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