This Just In (Jefferson County)

By The SE Texas Record | May 17, 2007

This Just In

Recent civil filings in Jefferson County district courts, May 10 - 15, 2007

May 10
John Read vs. Mike Smith and General Motor.
PA � Brandon Monk, J � Court assignment is pending
An elderly gentleman says the "new" car Mike Smith Autoplex, Inc. sold him was damaged by floodwater. He claims the dealer knew the bottom of the car had been rusted out but fraudulently and deceptively sold the vehicle as if it were in flawless condition. John Read filed his deceptive trade practices lawsuit against Mike Smith and General Motors with the Jefferson County District Court on May 10. He is suing for around $65,000 in damages.
Case No. B179-284

Anthony King vs. Frazier Inland Marine, Inc.
PA � H.P. Wright, J � Court assignment is pending
A seaman serving aboard a tugboat informed his captain he was having a heart attack. Anthony King was told "to go back to work." He is suing Frazier Inland Marine, Inc. for failing to provide him with necessary medical care.
Case No. D179-285

James M. Martin, III vs. Lockwood International, Inc.
PA -- Stephen Foster, J � Court assignment is pending
A routine pick up for a truck driver left him permanently brain damaged when the forklift driver "bumped" into a side rail of the truck. James M. Martin, III, is suing Lockwood International, Inc. for negligently failing to provide a safe place to work.
Case No. B179-286

May 11
Trinity Lloyds Insurance Co. vs. Lyndell Shults
PA � Gage Waggoner, J � Donald Floyd
In stark contrast of the recent trend of Beaumont residents suing their home insurance provider for unpaid claims submitted after Hurricane Rita hit, Trinity Lloyds Insurance Co. is preemptively pursuing legal recourse against Lyndell Shults. Trinity filed a petition for a court-appointed umpire.
Case No. E179-293

Glen Morgan vs. Burts, Inc.
PA � Chris Portner, J � Gary Sanderson
Glen Morgan is alleging the construction company (Burts Inc.) he hired to construct portions of his Beaumont residence breached its contract by performing poor workmanship on his home's roof.
Case No. B179-296

May 14
Rebecca Grayson vs. Treymor, Inc.
PA - Mark Sparks, J � pending
A senior citizen, who had a history of refusing to stay put, fell out of bed and died of low blood pressure three days after the episode. Rebecca Grayson, individually and as executrix of the estate of William Bennett, is claiming Treymor, Inc. (doing business as Cypress Glenn Nursing and Rehabilitation) did not meet the standard of care required while caring for Bennett.
Case No. B179-305

Evalgelina Flores vs. Bo-Mack Contractors et al
PA - E. Bourque. J � Bob Wortham
A Uvalde County family, acting as wrongful death beneficiaries for Leonardo Hernandez Flores, is suing the companies they claim are responsible for letting a fire get out of hand and consume the life of their benefactor.
Case No. A179-299

May 14
Aztec Distributors vs. Illinois Tool Works
PA - Jason Byrd, J � Court assignment is pending
Aztec Distributors has filed a retraining order and injunction against its longtime business partner Illinois Tool Works (Wynn Oil Co.) Aztec claims Wynn is attempting to squirm out of its contract, subvert Aztec and pilfer all of its clients.
Case No. B179-298

May 15
Anita Brice vs. Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth
PA -- Wyatt Snider, J -- pending
The plaintiff was visiting a patient at St. Elizabeth when she slipped in a puddle of water on the floor, allegedly left by a leaky food tray. Brice claims Christus was negligent for allowing the dangerous condition to exist. She is suing for her disabling injuries, physical pain, mental anguish, disfigurement, medical expenses and exemplary damages.
Case No. E179-312

Andrea Rae Malick vs. Twin City Pontiac
PA -- Wyatt Snider, J -- pending
Malick purchased a used car from Twin City and began to experience car trouble a few months later. She later learned the vehicle had been in a previous accident and is suing the dealership for not disclosing the vehicle's history.
Case No. D179-311

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