Shawn Kerwin is suing the First Houston Mortgage Co. and its agent Trent Lawson for more than $3 million. Kerwin claims the company purposely misrepresented his credit score to him in order to force him into signing a home loan at a higher interest rate.

According to the plaintiff's original petition, filed with the Jefferson County District Court on May 23, Kerwin sought to purchase a mortgage from First Houston.

The suit says Kerwin owns a construction company and was going to California in two days "to sign a lucrative construction contract."

Lawson told the plaintiff there were credit issues and the loan interest rate had to be increased, the suit said. But Kerwin then called a local lender and was quickly approved at a lower rate.

Kerwin claims that the deceptive acts of the defendant caused him not to fly to California and sign the construction deal, so he is suing for nearly $3 million in damages.

He is represented by attorney Barrett Lindsay. The case has been assigned to the 172nd Judicial District.

Case No. E179-367.

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