Companies dispute contract for rig work

By David Yates | May 30, 2007

G.S.-Hydro claims Beacon Maritime, Inc. still owes the company nearly $300,000 for work performed on a Beacon oil rig back in Feburary of 2006.

Hydro filed its breach of contract lawsuit with the Jefferson County District Court on May 29. Judge Gary Sanderson, 60th Judicial District, has been assigned to the case. The suit is brought under Discovery Level 2.

According to the plaintiff's orginal petition, Hydro was engaged by Beacon to furnish material and labor under contract with Beacon for work on an oil rig, the Songa "Jupiter," at the Sabine Pass shipyard.

"Hydro submitted its proposal based on the scope of the project as specified by Beacon," the suit said. "As the work progressed, Beacon changed the scope of the work and required more work from Hydro than originally agreed upon. Beacon signed time cards approving the work done by Hydro and Hydro finished the
work and it was accepted."

At the conclusion of the work, Beacon still owed Hydro the sum of $282,975, the suit said.

"Hydro has requested payment of this sum on numerous occasions, but Beacon has failed to pay and continues to refuse and fail to pay," the suit said.

The plaintiff is suing for the amount of the contract, interest accumulated and court costs.

Hydro is represented by attorney Arlen Driscoll of the Driscoll Law Firm.

Case No. B179-383

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