Plaza owner defaults on loans, bank sues for nearly $300,000

By David Yates | May 31, 2007

Texas State Bank claims Christopher Comalander, president of the Beaumont Town and Country Plaza, Inc., has defaulted on his loans and owes the bank nearly $300,000.

According to the plaintiff's breach of contract lawsuit, filed with the Jefferson County District Court on May 30, Comalander defaulted on its contract with TSB and owes $222,142.75 on his loan, plus $59,988.24 in back interest.

The original contract was for $1,235,000.

The bank is also suing Comalander for a second contract worth $175 that has apparently accrued $3,064.48 in back interest.

In addition to the loans, the bank feels it should be awarded $10,000 in "reasonable attorney fees," the suit said.

Two copies of the loan agreements attached to the suit did indicate the defendant had signed an agreement with the bank.

Judge Milton Shuffield, 136th Judicial District, will preside over the case.

TSB is represented by attorney Bill Richey of the Griffin & Matthews law firm.

Case No. D179-398

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