Hoping to stop a Hardin County man from moving in on its territory, Southwest Building Systems has filed a restraining order against Clinton Grisham.

SBS (owned by G. Thornhill, Inc.) filed its petition for declaratory and injunctive relief with the Jefferson County District Court on May 30. Judge Milton Shuffield, 136 th Judicial District, will preside over the case.

According to the petition, Grisham, a former SBS employee, signed an agreement with SBS prohibiting him from competing for business with the company for a period of two years following the termination of his employment. Grisham was first hired by SBS on April 29, 2005 and recently resigned on May 7.

A copy of the agreement attached to the suit indicated the defendant willfully entered into the agreement.

"The agreement further provides that Grisham shall not disclose any confidential information (given to him in order to do his job) either during his employment or after his employment has terminated," the suit said.

During his employment, Grisham was given access to customer information, price lists, sales and market reports, the suit said. When he resigned, Grisham went to work for one of SBS's competitors, Advanced Systems.

SBS � an electronic systems contractor that sells and installs alarms � hopes its legal recourse will stop Grisham from using its confidential information to steal its customers.

The plaintiff is represented by attorney Wyatt Snider of the Snider & Byrd law firm.

Case No. D179-397

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