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By Marilyn Tennissen | Jun 14, 2007

June 7

June 7
Timothy Aaron Segura et al vs. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
PA � Stephen Foster, J � Donald Floyd
Timothy Aaron Segura, an employee at the Goodyear glue plant in Beaumont at the time of the incident, claims he was thrown headfirst from a conveyer when the machine mysteriously started "on its own." He and his wife Lisa Ann have filed a personal injury lawsuit against Goodyear and its subsidiaries, along with the manufacture of the conveyer, Haver & Boecker and one of its employees, Doug Jones. The plaintiffs are suing for compensatory, actual, consequential and exemplary damages, plus interest and court costs. Lisa Ann Segura is also suing for loss of love, companionship, society, support, consortium and mental anguish.
Case No. E179-451

Ladonna Burge vs. Community Chiropractic Center et al
PA � Jason Itkin, J � Gary Sanderson
An "improper touch" has lead a receptionist to sue her employer Community Chiropractic Center and its owner Scott D. Kerr. In her suit, Ladonna Burge claims the defendant made "unwanted, intrusive contact to her neck against her will," causing her to re-injure her neck.
Case No. B179-452

June 11
Joe Melanson vs. Covenant Homeland Security Solutions
PA - Lee Thweatt, J - Donald Floyd
For 16 years Joe Melanson protected the nation's petroleum assets at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Beaumont, until he was fired for what he claims was age discrimination. Refusing to retire quietly, Melanson has chosen to pursue legal action against his former employer Covenant Homeland Security Solutions.
Case No. E179-467

Michael Fuljenz, president of Universal Coin & Bullion, vs. the Jason A. Gibson Law Firm
PA - Bruce Partain, J � Bob Wortham
Several coin and bullion companies across the nation have been exposed as scams designed to target senior citizens, and their hard earned savings. However, one coin seller says he's been unfairly targeted himself by a law firm seeking clients to sue him. Michael Fuljenz, president of Universal Coin & Bullion, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Jason A. Gibson Law Firm, claiming Gibson has been marketing him as a "predator" to seniors in hopes of gathering clients to sue him.
Case No. A179-468

Rebecca Joseph et al vs. Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
PA � Jason Byrd, J � Bob Wortham
With hurricane season here; and many in the weather community predicating a tumultuous season, Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. is pulling up stakes and running with the money they collected during the less "perilous" months, leaving thousands uninsured throughout the Golden Triangle. Serving as a class action representative of all Capitol County policyholders who paid premiums from November through June, Rebecca filed suit against the insurer with the Jefferson County District Court on June 11, in hopes the court will stop the company from non-renewing their policies.
Case No. A179-469

June 12
Prime Real Estate vs. Kmart Corp.
PA - Richard Lewis, J - Gary Sanderson
Angry that it didnt recieve its 3 precent cut from a $1.5 million contract, Prime Real Estate is suing Kmart and Christian Life Community Church.
Christian Life was the talk of the city of Groves when its pastor Rev. Benji Mullens purchased the former Super Kmart building on Twin City Highway two years ago. Mullens has stepped down as head pastor since then and the property is once again for sale.
However, that hasn't stopped Prime Real Estate from seeking its 3 percent cut. The company filed its orginal petition with the Jefferson County District Court on June 12. Judge Gary Sanderson, 60th Judicial District, will preside over the case.
Case No. B179-473

Hermie and Norma Bundick vs. Allstate Insurance Co.
PA � Don Bush, J Bob Wortham
Hermie and Norma Bundick are the latest Golden Triangle couple to sue Allstate Texas Lloyd's and Allstate Insurance Co. for not paying the full proceeds of a claim submitted following Hurricane Rita.
Case No. A179-476

Ollie Wilson vs. Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
PA � Jason Byrd, J � Gary Sanderson
Port Arthur resident Ollie Wilson is suing Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. for denying a portion of his claim that was submitted after Hurricane Rita struck the Golden Triangle area.
Case No. B179-477

June 13
Edmond Simon vs. James J. Flanagan Shipping Corp. et al
PA � John McElroy, J � Bob Wortham
Edmond Simon wants $50,000 for the damage a Flanagan Shipping employee allegedly caused when he drove his forklift into Simon's 18-wheller. Simon, doing business as Simon Brothers Trucking, filed suit against James J. Flanagan Shipping Corp. and its employee Richard Hickman
Case No. A179-478

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