Yogi Berra

Which states have laws that limit ballpark owners' liability to fans hit by foul balls?

A) None of them;
B) All of them;
C) Massachusetts, New York and Texas
D) Arizona, Colorado, Illinois and New Jersey

"Stump Your Lawyer," a book written by a lawyer, is a tongue-in-cheek quiz with 199 questions that may well provide a litmus test for your attorney's legal aptitude.

Author Howard Zaharoff, a practicing lawyer in Massachusetts, asks all kinds of quirky questions, and serious ones as well, in a new publication to be released June 30, such as:

How many states allow marriage between first cousins?

A) 50
B) 26
C) 12
D) 0

Answers are accompanied with short case histories, definitions, multiple choice answers and other formats that "mimic the bar exam approach and probe the reader's knowledge of obscure statutes, baffling decisions, bizarre legal concepts and antiquated jargon," Zaharoff's publicist wrote.

The answer to the first question listed above, by the way, is "D."

And, believe it or not, 26 states allow marriage between first cousins, plus Washington D.C. Zaharoff notes that some states, however, impose conditions on familial marriage, such as being age 65 or older.

Zaharoff has a Ph.D. in philosophy, and his legal articles have appeared in the Boston Globe, Mass High Tech, Writer's Digest and Publishers Weekly.

Other thought-provoking challenges include:

Who said, "A lawyer's time and advice are his stock in trade?"

A) Clarence Darrow
B) Clarence Thomas
C) Abraham Lincoln
D) Yogi Berra

True or false? In the eyes of the law, both deodorants and antiperspirants are subject to the low-level labeling requirements for cosmetics.

If a man brings his foreign-born, non-citizen significant other into the U.S. on a fiancee visa (K-1), how much time does he have before he is required to marry her?

A) 90 days
B) Six months
C) One year
D) Three years

Under the Constitution, one must be how old and a citizen for how long to run for the U.S. Senate?

Under the Constitution, one must be how old and a citizen for how long to run for the House of Representatives?

The book is published by Chronicle Books.

And the answers to the last five questions: Lincoln; false (antiperspirants affect bodily functions, therefore they must be labeled as drugs); 90 days; 30-years-old and a citizen nine years and 25-years-old and a citizen seven years.

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