July 3
Intercoastal Golf LLC vs. City of Port Arthur
PA � Mitch Toups, J � Donald Floyd
Since it opened in 2003, the Palms at Pleasure Island Golf Course has had to deal with erosion along the greens of the back nine and recurring problems with a series of course managers. Now one of the latest management companies is taking the city of Port Arthur to court over its contract to operate the 18-hole, 72-par course.
On July 5, Intercoastal Golf LLC filed a suit in Jefferson County District Court against the city alleging the Pleasure Island Commission committed fraud and conspiracy that caused Intercoastal to lose at least $287,000.
Case No. E179-606

July 5
Ruthie Williams et al vs. Philpott Motors Ltd. et al
PA � Mark Sparks, J � Milton Shuffield
Williams purchased what she thought was a new Hyundai Sonata from Philpott, which had obtained the car through a dealer trade with Billy Navarre Chevrolet Honda Hyundai.
Plaintiffs claim they later discovered that the car had been in a previous wreck that was not disclosed. They claim the auto dealers deliberately withheld the condition of the car and passed it off as "new." Plaintiffs are seeking a treble amount of actual and exemplary damages and damages for mental anguish.
Case No. D179-613

Kathleen Price et al vs. Deep South Crane & Rigging Co.
PA � Joe Meyer, J � Milton Shuffield
The wife of an iron worker crushed by a crane load says there is no way to determine the value of a "husband and good man," but she is seeking $3.5 million from the crane company that she claims is responsible for her husband's wrongful death.
Case No. D179-614

July 6
Nancy Beyer vs. James Dickson Jr.
PA - Jennifer Turner, J � Milton Shuffield
Nancy Beyer is suing her father, James Dickson Jr., for squandering her incapacitated mother's IRA. An IRA is an individual retirement account, and provides either a tax-deferred or tax-free way of saving for retirement. Beyer claims her father has taken advantage of her mother's condition and squandered a sizable portion of the retirement fund, $700,000.
Case No. D179-619

Mary Schuldt vs. Candy Jenkins and Lisa McCune et al
PA � Tony Malley, J � Donald Floyd
Mary Schuldt's minor daughter was physically injured while out with two of her teenage friends. Placing her daughter's injuries at the feet of others, Schuldt's is suing Candy Jenkins and Lisa McCune, the parents of her daughter's friends, for allowing their children to be out past curfew.
Case No. E179-617

July 9

Bryant Jarnagin vs. Southern Ford
PA � Curtis Leister, J � Gary Sanderson
When his Ford F-150 was repossessed, Bryant Jarnagin claims he suffered "severe emotional distress." The incident has led him to sue Southern Ford (Central Ford Inc.), the dealership that sold him the truck.
Case No. B179-625

Jenifer Kaiser vs. Jason's Deli
PA � Tim Riley, J � Gary Sanderson
Nuts are a common salad topping. However, Jennifer Kaiser is suing a Woodlands Jason's Deli for failing to hold the bolts. Kaiser claims she "bit down on the bolt" while munching on a self-served salad attained from the deli's salad bar. She filed her personal injury lawsuit against Deli Management Inc. (Jason's Deli) with the Jefferson County District Court on July 9. Judge Gary Sanderson, 60th Judicial District, has been assigned to the case.
Case No. B179-626

July 10
John Leatherwood vs. Memorial Herman Baptist Orange Hospital et al
PA - Thomas Kruppstadt , J - Milton Shuffield
Two years ago, a table saw tore through John Leatherwood's hand. He was rushed to Memorial Hermann Baptist Orange Hospital. After he received treatment, Leatherwood visited a medical specialist in Houston, where he learned his hand had become "severely infected." Surgeons had to amputate Leatherwood's index finger. Alleging his infection was "due to the negligence" of the hospital staff, Leatherwood filed a medical-malpractice lawsuit against Baptist Orange and several of its nurses and doctors.
Case No. D179-633

Perry and Bambi Ashworth vs. Railserve Inc. et al
PA � Tommy Yeates, J � Donald Floyd
Perry Ashworth's leg was "mutilated and severed below the knee when the rail car he was working on rolled over him. He and his wife Bambi are suing Railserve Inc., Ashworth's employer, Rescar Inc. and Huntsman Petrochemical Corp. The incident occurred at the Huntsman refiney. Ashworth claims he set the rail car's manual break, but it rolled back anyway.
Case No. E179-635

Linda Carrell vs. A.O. Smith Corp. et al
PA � Brian Blevins, J � Bob Wortham
Even though Provost Umphrey attorney Brian Blevins is busy trying a million dollar asbestos case in Judge Sanderson's 60th District Court, he still finds the time to file fresh asbestos lawsuits. When he was alive, Thomas Holmes sued several companies and received a claim for his non-malignant asbestos-related disease. Now diseased, his benefactor, Linda Carrell, "seeks compensation" for a "different asbestos-related injury." Blevins will represent Carrell and sue the A.O. Smith Corp., along with 42 other major corporations, for distributing products containing asbestos throughout Jefferson County.
Case No. A179-638

July 11
William and Joyce Ford vs. Allstate Texas Lloyds et al
PA � David Starnes, J � Donald Floyd
William and Joyce Ford claim Allstate Texas Lloyds denied their Hurricane Rita damage claim, forcing the couple to live in their "home under dangerous and unhealthy conditions."
Case No. E179-641

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