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by Marilyn Tennissen |
Jul. 19, 2007, 9:00am

Recent civil filings in Jefferson County District Courts, July 12-19

July 12
Joy Holmes vs. Chevron/Texaco
PA � Keith Hyde, J � Gary Sanderson
William Holmes, a local refinery worker, died of colon cancer more than a year ago. His benefactor, Joy Holmes, claims William's cancer was caused by asbestos and is suing Chevron U.S.A. and Texaco for negligently exposing him to the "toxic" dust during his employment at the Port Arthur plant.
Case No. B179-651

July 13
Chantel Laurent vs. Swati Enterprises Inc. et al
PA � Hohn Carwile, J � Bob Wortham
Last month Chantel Laurent paid a visit to EZ Washateria in Port Arthur for "business purposes." When she entered the store, an unhinged door fell on her, causing Laurent to suffer serious and permanent injuries, plus mental anguish. Seeking to recover more than $50,000 in damages, Laurent filed a personal injury lawsuit against Swati Enterprises Inc. and Mohammad Azam Swati, the washateria's owners.
Case No. A179-658

July 16
James Brister et al vs. Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. et al
PA � Steve Mostyn, J � Donald Floyd
James and Oretha Brister of Beaumont sued Capitol County insurance after the company denied their claim for hurricane repairs. The suit was filed July 16 in Jefferson County District Court. After Hurricane Rita, the couple filed a claim with Capitol County for roof damage, water damage, wind damage, structural damage and living expenses. After adjuster Paul Lampi visited the property, the company denied full reimbursement for repairs. The plaintiffs are seeking actual and exemplary damages.
Case No. E179-666

Patrick Kennedy vs. Connex International Inc. and Motiva Enterprises
PA - Ed Fisher, J - Milton Shuffield
While climbing a ladder, Patrick Kennedy claims he was "overwhelmed with exhaust," causing him to fall and injure himself. He is suing Connex International Inc. and Motiva Enterprises for "failing to provide (him) with proper training and supervision.
Case No. D179-671

Lois Robinson et al vs. Chevron U.S.A. and Texaco
PA � Keith Hyde, J � Donald Floyd
The family of the late Lee Robinson Sr. is suing Chevron U.S.A. and Texaco for negligently exposing their benefactor to asbestos during his employment at a Port Neches plant. Robinson worked as an operator for Neches Butane, where he allegedly contracted an asbestos disease, "specifically lung cancer, for which he died a painful and terrible death on Dec. 14, 2006. Provost Umphrey attorney Keith Hyde filed the personal injury lawsuit on the behalf of Robinson's widow, Lois Robinson and children, Jeanie, Lee and Stephen.
Case No. E179-672

Elton Moore vs. F. Miller Construction and Orion Marine Group Inc.
PA - Kevin Queenan, J - Milton Shuffield
Elton Moore injured his neck while attempting to load a cement saw unto a trailer. Claiming his employers were negligent for failing to provide him with a safe place to work, Moore has invoked the Jones Act and filed a personal injury lawsuit against F. Miller Construction and Orion Marine Group Inc. Moore was working for the defendants in Cameron Parish, La. Building a bridge over Black Bayou.
Case No. D179-669

Marion Goodwin vs. The Wash House Washateria et al
PA � Adam Terrell, J � Gary Sanderson
An uneventful day at a Beaumont laundromat spin cycled for the worst when Marion Goodwin's young daughter allegedly slipped and fell, suffering "permanent injuries." Acting as next of friend for her daughter, Goodwin filed a personal injury suit against The Wash House Washateria and three of its owners/employees. The suit also names Le Huu Nguyen, Thi Nhan and Nhan Ti Tran as defendants.
Case No. B179-673

July 17
Stacy Johnson vs. the Beaumont Housing Authority/Tracewood II Apartments.
PA � Tom Oxford, J � Donald Floyd
While strolling through her kitchen, Stacy Johnson claims a loose tile gave way causing her trip and fall. Blaming her spill on the organization that provided her home, Johnson is suing the Beaumont Housing Authority/Tracewood II Apartments.
Case No. E179-676

July 18
Sandra Girard vs. Gary and Nancy Robbins
PA � Jason Cansler, J � Bob Wortham
After Hurricane Rita ravaged her home, Sandra Girard hired Gary and Nancy Robbins to repair her property, "paying them a substantial sum" upfront. To this day, the repairs remain unfinished. Hoping to retrieve some of the money she's lost, Girard filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the Robbinses.
Case No. A179-683

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