Attorney Brent Coon has settled 11 Jefferson County asbestos suits that he had declared ready for trial.

Court coordinator Kerrie Purgahn said she received informal notice of the settlements. She said the court has not received formal settlement papers.

Philip Kanayan of the Coon firm had notified Purgahn in March that the plaintiffs were ready for trial before District Judge Donald Floyd in April.

Kanayan's notice listed 15 cases. Now that 11 have settled, four remain ready for trial.

Purgahn said she placed the four remaining plaintiffs on the September trial docket.

Plaintiffs who settled are:

- Melissa Barton Adkins for the estate of Benny Barton

- Thomas Greene

- David and Janet Janson for the estate of Clyde Janson

- Ruby Johnson for the estate of Fred Johnson

- Cinthia Ann Douglass and James D. Jones for the estate of James M. Jones

- Diana Long for the estate of Randy Long

- Judith Midthun for the estate of Marshall Midthun

- Michael Robertson for the estate of Billy Robertson

- Gwendolyn Shultz for the estate of Eldon Shultz

- Thomas Staiger

- Ivanell Wells for the estate of James Wells

Plaintiffs ready for trial are Lowell Ciesielczyk, Robert Wells, Lillie Yorty for the estate of Douglas Yorty, and Ruby Hedrick for the estate of John Hedrick.

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