When Kathryn Reddell saw her 11-year-old boy in flames, she heroically tried to extinguish the flames with her own body.

On July 17 in the Eastern District of Texas, parents Michael and Kathryn Reddell filed a lawsuit against Vitrico Corporation doing business as Firelight Glass.

The complaint states that in October 2005, the boy was lighting a Firelight Glass Candle when it fractured resulting in second and third degree burns to the child and mother.

Plaintiffs allege the candle was "not fit for ordinary use," "defective and unreasonably dangerous" and did not meet quality standards.

Suing for injuries to mother and child, plaintiffs are seeking damages "greatly in excess" of the minimum $75,000 court limit.

Firelight Glass describes itself as the "premier design manufacturer of handblown glass oil candles." Its website describes the time-staking process of design often involving more than 10 people per candle.

Through a process involving melting and spinning of the glass, the "hot-makers" individually shape each candle. Prices for each candle range from $20 to $135.

Currently, Firelight Glass has not responded to the plaintiffs' complaint.

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