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By Marilyn Tennissen | Sep 6, 2007

Aug. 29
Melba Taff vs. Pinnacle Health Facilities of Texas
PA � Adam Terrell, J - Milton Shuffield
Senior citizen Melba Taff, 77, says because she was suffering from dementia while living at the PHP Oaks at Beaumont nursing home, the facility had an obligation to minimize her falling risks. Taff is suing Pinnacle Health Facilities of Texas, owners of the Beaumont nursing home, for "failing to implement a comprehensive car plan" designed to keep her from falling out of her bed and fracturing her hip.
Case No. D179-920

Aug. 31
Maceo Carter vs. Omega Protein Corp.
PA - Kurt Arnold, J - Milton Shuffield
Exploding engine pumps seriously burned Maceo Carter's face, chief engineer for the Chesapeake Bay � a vessel owned and operated by the Omega Protein Corp. Under the Jones Act, Carter is suing Omega Protein for negligently failing to maintain its vessel and properly train its employees. Carter is suing for past and future physical pain, mental anguish, medical expenses and physical impairment.
Case No. D179-934

Sept. 4
Armando Torres vs. KMCO
PA - Rodney Barnwell, J - Gary Sanderson
In June 2007, Armando Torres was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Torres believes benzene was the root cause of his disease and has submitted a petition for discovery to investigate claims against his former employer, KMCO.
Case No. B179-937

Quality Infusion Care vs. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
PA - Robert Green, J - Milton Shuffield
Quality Infusion Care, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas claiming the health insurance provider is stealing from its company � disguising its theft as a "fraudulent accounting entry." According to the plaintiff's original petition, filed with the Jefferson County District Court on Sept. 4, BCBSTX had approved and accepted insurance claims submitted by Quality, but never paid the money owed to Quality. Quality is suing BCBSTX for services it provided, money it was paid, and for express and implied promises made by BCBSTX to Quality, plus punitive damages.
Case No. D179-940

Sept. 5
Linda O'Connor vs. Sabine Towing and Transportation Company
PA � Matthew Matheny, J- Bob Wortham
From 1977-1985, Ray Fontenot, Sr. worked as an oil handler for the Sabine Towing and Transportation Company. Fontenot, who had a 40 pack-year smoking history, died of lung cancer in 2002. Now, his benefactor, Linda O'Connor, is suing Sabine Towing, claiming the local company exposed Fontenot to asbestos dust during his eight-year tenure -- "playing a part in producing" his lung cancer." O'Connor is suing for Fontenot's past physical pain, mental anguish, lost wages, physical impairment and medical expenses, plus funeral expenses.
Case No, A179-945

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