This Just In: Orange County

By Marilyn Tennissen | Sep 6, 2007

Aug. 29
Karl Vanderstucken vs. the city of Orange
PA � Steve Parkhurst, J -163rd Judicial District
Reminiscent of a cliche comic strip, Karl Vanderstucken claims he was taking a casual stroll down Kitty Chapin Drive when he, "without warning," fell down a sewer hole. In his suit, Vanderstucken alleges the manhole was "improperly secured." He says his traumatic June 9, 2007, trip into the city sewers has caused him to "suffer personal injuries and to endure anxiety, pain and illness."
Case No. B070-425-c

Sept. 4
Curves Gym vs. Karen Pilant
PA � Alan Sanders, J - 260th Judicial District
When a former Vidor Curves Gym employee put in her two-week notice, she told management, "God has another direction for me." However, when Karen Pilant quit, she neglected to mention she was in the process of opening up her own Vidor gym. And since she signed a non-compete agreement with Curves, Pilant will have to endure a litigation detour before God can direct her to open up a rival gym. On top of the injunction, Curves is suing for actual and exemplary damages.
Case No. D070432.c

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