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By Marilyn Tennissen | Sep 13, 2007

Aug. 29

Aug. 29

- Tama Douglas vs. Victoria's Secret
PA - Woodson Dryden, J - Alfred Gerson
Normally the only danger lurking in a Victoria's Secret is a significant other lying in wait to catch a two-timer shopping for some one else. But is seems there is a far greater peril than jealous spouses � plastic fragrance spray bottles and aroma glass candles seated on high shelves. Tama Douglas filed suit against the "unmentionables" distributor, claiming a Victoria's employee knocked an "object made of glass or of some type of plastic" of a shelf, which landed and broke on Douglas' arm, forcing her to "endure physical pain, suffering, mental anguish and loss of income."
Case No. 109-317

Sept 6.

- John Ross vs. Dr. Carl Beaudry
PA � Hart Green, J � Gary Sanderson
Patients consenting to surgery are informed of the risks. When Darlene Spears went under the knife, she emerged alive but "suffered multiple complicated problems, culminating in her death." Spears' benefactor is suing the surgeon who performed the procedure.
Case No. B179-959

Sept 7

- Charles English vs. Christus Health Southeast Texas et al
PA � Tim Ferguson, J � Bob Wortham
There is an old adage that says, "Don't kick a man when he's down." Evidently, the phrase does not apply to non-profit hospitals. Christus Health Southeast Texas, still reeling from a $700,000 verdict levied against it for negligently failing to mark a parking garage step and the announcement that 100 employees were to be immediately laid off, has been named in another missed-step lawsuit. Christus is also in the midst of a medical malpractice trial currently taking place in the Jefferson County 172 nd District Court. Two weeks ago, a jury ordered Christus to pay Flo Wilson, who had missed her step and broke her hip while in the St. Elizabeth parking garage, more than $700,000 in damages. Wilson was represented by attorney Tim Ferguson. Apparently, there is a missed-step epidemic � as Ferguson will represent another client claiming to have tripped over an unmarked parking garage curb while visiting a patient at the St. Elizabeth Hospital. On behalf of Charles English, Ferguson filed the suit against Christus and Allco, Inc. with the Jefferson County District Court on Sept. 6. Allco built the hospital's parking garage.
Case No. A179-969

- John Ardoin et al vs. ISP Synthetic Elastomers et al
PA � Steven Barkley, J � Gary Sanderson
A former Turner Brothers worker has rolled "three separate accidents" into one lawsuit. John Ardoin is suing ISP Synthetic Elastomers, along with five other companies, claiming his injuries have left him crippled, partially deaf, blind in one eye and sexually impaired.
Case No. B179-966

Sept. 10

- Medstar Air Rescue et al vs. Barken International Inc. et al
PA - Adolfo Campero, J � Donald Floyd
A Webb County suit claiming a helicopter company is refusing to transfer a certificate of ownership to a medical air rescue company has been transferred to Jefferson County District Court. The lawsuit, Medstar Air Rescue et al vs. Barken International Inc. et al, was filed with the Webb County District Court on Jan. 18, 2007 and transferred Sept. 10. Judge Donald Floyd, 172 nd Judicial District, will now preside over the case. The plaintiffs listed in the suit are Ace NC Systems, Vernon Reason, Medstar and Ben Barrick. The defendants are Barken and Herman Venter. The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction to stop Barken from repossessing the helicopters and are suing for compensatory, consequential and incidental damages.
Case No. E179-978

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