A Public Hearing will be held 1:30 p.m. Sept. 24 to allow public comment on the proposed 2007-2008 Budget for Jefferson County.

The hearing will be held Monday at the Jefferson County Courthouse, Commissioners' Courtroom, 1149 Pearl St., Fourth Floor, Beaumont. The proposed budget is available for inspection in the offices of the County Auditor and County Clerk.

This budget will raise more total property taxes than last year's budget by $5,807,363 or 9.1 percent. Of that amount, $2,219,386 is tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year.

On Monday the Jefferson County Commissioners will also vote on the county tax rate.

The court is proposing to increase the total tax revenues of Jefferson County from properties on the tax roll in the preceding year by 5.4 percent.

Commissioners conducted two public hearings on the tax rate increase on Sept. 10 and Sept. 17.

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