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By The SE Texas Record | Sep 20, 2007

Sept. 12

- Oscar Rodriguez vs. United Scaffolding Inc.
PA - Benny Agosto Jr., J � Gary Sanderson
After climbing "for some distance" up a scaffold, Oscar Rodriguez decided to rest. As soon as he did, the scaffold "fell apart" and Rodriguez fell 50 feet, "which resulted in a collapsed lung, broken collar bone, broken left leg, six broken rips and severe pain in his lower back and left shoulder. Rodriguez filed a personal injury lawsuit against United Scaffolding, Inc. He is suing for exemplary damages, plus past and future medical expenses, lost wages and mental anguish.
Case No. B180-010

- Summit Electric Supply Co. vs. Allco Construction et al
PA � Thomas Shiels, J � Bob Wortham
Summit Electric Supply Co. says it supplied nearly $100,000 worth of materials to an Allco, Ltd. subcontractor so it could renovate the McDonald Recreational Sports Facility at Lamar University, but has still not received a payment for its services. Seeking compensation, Summit Electric filed its breach of contract lawsuit against Allco and Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America with the Jefferson County District Court on Sept. 12 with the Jefferson County District Court.
Case No. A180-011

- Sam and Melanie Bevilacqua vs. Whirlpool Corp. et al
PA � Brian Mazzola, J � Donald Floyd.
Sam and Melanie Bevilacqua claim their brand new Whirlpool dishwasher began malfunctioning after six months of use. When the couple complained, Whirlpool sent a contractor to inspect the dishwasher, who, in turn, told the Bevilacquas they had been using "too much soap."
Not too long after the inspection, the dishwasher broke down and partially flooded the couples' home, which caused "substantial water damage." The couple filed their breach of contract lawsuit against Whirlpool and Evans Refrigeration and Appliance Services � the retailer who sold them the dishwasher � with the Jefferson County District Court on Sept, 12. The plaintiffs are suing for general damages, valuation damages, cost of repair, loss of use, mental anguish, exemplary damages and all court costs.
Case No. E180-012

- Mike Stegall vs. Ford Motor Co. et al
PA � Brandon Monk, J � Milton Shuffield
Mike Stegall is claiming he was sold a "lemon" and is suing Ford Motor Co. and Raiford Motors, Inc., the dealership that sold him his F250 pickup truck. Stegall is suing for the cost of the truck, around $40,000, and damages under the DTPA, plus all court costs.
Case No. D180-016

- Ngo Nguyen et al vs. ProservAnchor Crane Group et al
PA - George Bean, J - Bob Wortham
Injured when a "hooking device" caused roof material to collapse on him, NGO Nguyen is suing the ProservAnchor Crane Group and two other companies for Workers' Compensation recovery and punitive damages. Nguyen, by and through Subrogee Alea North America Insurance Co., filed suit against ProservAnchor, Harrington Hoists, Inc. and McKissick-Crosby Group, Inc. Workers' comp. benefits were paid to Nguyen by Alea North America Insurance, the suit said. Now Alea Insurance, through Nguyen, is suing the defendants for the benefits it had pay Nguyen, plus punitive damages.
Case No. A180-018

- AT&T Mobility vs. Jefferson County Appraisal District
PA � Daniel Donovan, J � Bob Wortham
Not happy with the appraised value of its cellular service store in the Golden Triangle, AT&T Mobility has filed suit against the Jefferson County Appraisal District, claiming its property tax rate is "excessive and unlawful." AT&T alleges the method used by the Appraisal District was "antiquated, unfair, and erroneous."
Case No. A180-021

Sept. 14

- Dragon Products, Ltd. vs. TXD Transport
PA � John Bullard, J � Donald Floyd
Dragon Products, Ltd. has filed a lawsuit against TXD Transport, claiming TXD purchased $1.3 million worth of equipment but never paid the bill. Dragon is suing for the unpaid balance on the account, interest, consequential damages and attorney's fees.
Case No. E180-025

- Parkdale Crossing vs. Cold Stone Creamery Inc.
PA - Karen Bennett, J - Gary Sanderson
Known for servicing West Enders with delicious ice cream and nutty toppings, Cold Stone Creamy will now be served. The Parkdale Crossing strip center is suing Cold Stone for not paying its rent. Parkdale Crossing claims Cold Stone owes $26, 603.49 in back rent. Parkdale Crossing is suing for actual damages, interest and court costs.
Case No. B180-030

Sept. 17

- Sandra Thornton vs. Wow Food Concepts
PA - Michael Ramsey, J - Milton Shuffield
While dinning at the Cheddar's Restaurant in Beaumont, Texas, Sandra Thornton claims she was injured when she slipped on a polished floor. Thornton alleges the restaurant is negligent for failing to post a warning sign notifying the public that the floor had been "excessively waxed." She filed suit against Wow Food Concepts (Cheddar's owners) with the Jefferson County District Court on Sept. 17.
Case No. D180-048

- Monneccaa Woodside O'Hara et al vs. BISD et al
PA � Justin Sanderson, J - Milton Shuffield
A former student at Central High School in Beaumont, Texas is claiming a teacher "excessively" disciplined him. Monneccaa Woodside O'Hara filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf oh her minor son against BISD and local teacher Tony Brown on Sept. 17, 2005 in the Jefferson County District Court.
Case No. D180-031

- Bobby Simon et al vs. Huntsman Petrochemical Corp et al
PA Dale Hanks, J - Milton Shuffield
For seven years of his life Bobby Simon worked at Port Neches butane plant, where he claims he inhaled and absorbed enough carcinogenic emissions to cause him to develop leukemia. From 1968 � 1975, Simon alleges his body was unwillfully "invaded" by butadiene, a key chemical used in synthetic rubber production, while working at Neches Butane. He is suing the Huntsman Petrochemical Corp., along with 18 other oil companies currently manufacturing and distributing the chemical. A client of attorney Dale Hanks, Simon's personal injury lawsuit was filed with the Jefferson County District Court on Sept. 17. Some of the defendants named in the suit include the Goodrich Corp., Chevron USA, the Dow Chemical Co., Exxon Mobil and Texaco.
In the month of September, attorney Hanks has filed a total of four butadiene lawsuits, all of which strongly assert that the petrochemical industry knowingly sacrificed human lives for profit.
Case No. D180-058

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