This Just In: Orange County

by Marilyn Tennissen |
Sep. 20, 2007, 8:18am

Sept. 11

- Jefferie Ann Cartwright vs. Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.
PA - Michael Pierce, J - 163rd Judicial District
Wrinkled carpet and an advertising campaign aimed at Southeast Texas residents are the reasons why a local resident is suing a Louisiana casino. Jefferie Ann Cartwright filed a personal injury lawsuit against Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. with the Orange County District Court on Sept. 11. She claims the carpet outside Pinnacle's L'auberge Du Lac Hotel and Casino was "unreasonably wrinkled and buckled, which caused her to fall forward, head first onto the cement valet driveway."
Case No. B070455-c

Sept. 17

- Richard and Arlene Turkels vs. Charles Moreau Enterprises
PA Richard Turkel, J � Pat Clark
An alleged shady contractor took advantage of the wrong type of Hurricane Rita victim, a lawyer. After Hurricane Rita tore "a few shingles" off of Richard and Arlene Turkels' home, the couple says they were "forced" out of necessity to hire Charles Moreau Enterprises, who the couple alleges did more harm than good to their property. Believing they were overcharged and taken advantage of, Richard Turkel, an attorney, filed a deceptive trade practices lawsuit against Moreau with the Orange County District Court on Sept. 17.
Case No. A070-463

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